Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that When Tanuja goes back to Rishi’s room,  she finds him tensed. She asks him why he is so quiet and why are the lines of worries visible on his face. He says that he was thinking about their past and he realised that he has given her lots and lots of pain.  He turns away and starts moving forward but Tanuja holds his hand and stops him.  Rishi says that his heart is filled with pain because he knows he has troubled her a lot but he knows that in one corner of her heart there is love for him. Tanuja denies once again but Rishi says that her love doesn’t need her acceptance. It is there even when she denies.

Manpreet comes and Tanuja tells him that Rishi is fine now and she has already checked. He says that since she has met him, he is all fine now. When Manpreet goes to meet Rishi Myra also comes and apologizes to him for insulting him earlier. She says that she is now in his gang and she will support him in his motive because she knows how much love he has for Tanuja in his heart. All of them start to jump up and down  in excitement and they hug each other
Suddenly Tanuja comes and they all stop laughing. Tanuja asks why they are all so happy but Rishi doesn’t give her a direct answer. Later on when Tanuja goes to pick up Natasha from school Rishi comes there. Tanuja asks Rishi why he is at the school if Tanya is not even there. She says that he has come to meet Natasha and he has got a flower for her. Tanuja says that her own father can give her flowers and Natasha asks Tanuja to make Rishi her father. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 6 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi Spends The Night In Tanuja’s Room)
Rishi starts to shower petals on Nasha and Tanuja. When Rishi gets homes, Tanuja starts to yell at him. She says that he doesn’t need to create all the drama in front of everyone. He keeps explaining that he was showering flowers on Natasha, a few petals fell on him accidentally. Natasha comes and asks Tanuja to apologize to Rishi. When Tanuja doesn’t budge, she asks Abhishek to ask Tanuja to say sorry to Rishi.