Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi says that he is just trying to get his family back but Tanuja contradicts him and says that they are not his family anymore. She says that when she left the Bedi house she felt like killing herself but she didn’t do so because she was pregnant. She says that at that time she made a choice to live for ger family and that is what everyone should do. Rishi gets heartbroken to hear these words from Tanuja. As he leaves for office Natasha asks him to drop her to school but she refuses and says that he has some important work to do. Abhishek tells Natasha that she can let Rishi go to office because he and Tanuja will go and drop her to school.

Abhishek and Tanuja leave with Natasha for school and on one signal a transgender comes and blesses Tanuja and Abhishek with a good married life. She says that they are the cutest couple she has seen today and they should be blessed with a happy life together. Tanuja gets anxious and gets out of the car to talk to her. She asks her to take her blessings back and tells her that they are not a couple. Abhishek feels weird because Tanuja went to all the limits not to accept the blessings as a couple.

When Tanuja reaches Natasha’s School, the principal talks to her and tells her that Abhishek is a very good father. She says that Rishi is also a doting dad and he loves her alot. She says that she can see his love in his eyes and she is really a lucky person to have that much love in her life. Tanuja takes the comments personally and leaves in anger.  Abhishek and Natasha follow Tanuja and come and sit in the car. Natasha insists that she wants to sit in the front seat alongside the driver. Abhishek asks her to put the seat belt and goes to sit in the back seat. Abhishek tries to console Tanuja and says that just like she advised him to ignore Rishi, she should do the same. He tries to tell her that he loves her but once again fails to do so. Abhishek gets down from the car and says that he will leave for office and she can take the car to home. Tanuja asks the driver to change the radio channel and finds out that the Coffee House in which Rishi went to attend a meeting has caught fire. The news telecast says that many people are still trapped inside the coffee house and are struggling to come out. Tanuja asks the driver to take Natasha home and she leaves for the coffee house. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 7 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Sides With Abhishek In Her Fight With Rishi)

When Tanuja reaches the coffee house , she starts searching for Rishi. Looking at the burnt dead bodies Tanuja’s heart sinks with fear. She thinks that Rishi is also one of the people who got burnt in the fire. Suddenly Tanuja looks at a man standing with a white coat on. She goes ahead and turns him over and finds out that it is Rishi. She hud him and starts crying. Tanuja says that she heard the news while she was in the car and she died a million deaths with the thought that he might be hurt in the fire. Abhishek’s mausi looks at Tanuja hugging Rishi. Metra and Tanya also come to the coffee house looking for Rishi.