Rishi Singh Bedi is the most gullible character on the prime time TV show Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki. The character is played by Ssharad Malhotra and he is the easiest possible target for all. As we have mentioned earlier that this tv show has shifted focus from being a romantic series to a full on revenge drama. Now since everyone is engaged in so much planning and plotting, it’s Rishi who gets sandwiched. Let’s see how his life has become more and more miserable with the constant loggerheads of Tanuja and Rano. He loves both of them and we think that is the biggest mistake of his life.

Here is where Rishi stands

Rishi Singh Bedi is a pretty much-sorted man who loves his family with all his heart. Like every other man, he knows that he has responsibilities towards his family. His mother and father have invested their time, money and efforts for so many years to give him a sound upbringing. Now it’s his turn to reciprocate the love which he has received over the years. He has to take care of his family, run the business and make sure that his family gets every happiness they deserve.

Like almost every other son, Rishi is also a mama’s boy. All the boys get close to their mothers while growing up. There is no harm in loving your mother unconditionally. But, you have to grow up some time. You can always be mama’s cute little gullible son who does exactly what his mother asks him to do. You don’t know what we are talking about,

Let’s see what Rano says.

Rano Singh Bedi is the mother of Rishi. She loves her son very much but is in a delusion that his son is still a little boy who needs her protection and direction to survive in this cruel world. She creates fake dramas to make her son understand her point of view. What she doesn’t understand is that her point of view is the most rotten thing in the Bedi family. She uses Rishi’s unconditional love for his mother to manipulate him and even goes to the extent of threatening him by saying that she will give her life if he doesn’t obey.

Well, Rano this is a real misuse of your son’s love for you. How heartless are you to make your son a fool just to make his a puppet of your hands?  (Also Read: 4 things we should never learn from Kratika Sengar aka Tanuja)

Here’s where Tanuja wants Rishi to be

Unlike Rano, Tanuja never misuses her power to manipulate Rishi. She just wants Rishi to voice his opinion and say what’s in his heart. She asks him to tell Rano what goes on in his mind and hopes that she will understand. She also loves Rishi madly and is ready to go to any extent to save him from all evil. But what she also doesn’t understand is that Rishi wants to take a stand for himself but it’s the love for his mother which stops him from hurting her. He ends up hurting Tanuja instead and hopes that she will understand.

And this completes the recipe of Rishi Sandwich.

Ladies, there is one thing you need to wrap your mind around. Rishi is a grown up man and he has the right to make his decisions, either right or wrong. He will own up to his mistakes if he makes any. Leave him alone and stop sandwiching him in your constant quest to manipulate him.   (Also Read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Is every love story as twisted as Rishi and Tanuja’s?)