Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is a love saga between of two people who get separated by destiny. Tanu and Rishi were head over heels in love with each other and under uncertain circumstances, she died while trying to save her husband. She, however, promised Rishi to come back in his life. And the twist arrived when Tanuja, Tanu’s reincarnated self, entered Rishi’s life. She brought a sense of belongingness to Rishi but he couldn’t identify her. Then Tanuja met with an accident that ruined her face and got a new face with cosmetic surgery and Voila! her new face happens to be the same as Tanu’s. who was Tanuja’s previous avatar, died in Rishi’s arms and their love became

Soon after, Rishi started getting hints that Tanuja is his Tanu and is back as promised. They get married under weird circumstances and Rishi’s mother opposed to their relationship. Also, their relationship was swarmed by a number of problems which kept the two away. Rano, Rishi’s mother, made a million attempts to get Rishi separated from Tanuja. She has blackmailed him, tortured him and even threatened him to leave his wife. She was so full of hatred for Tanuja that she couldn’t even see the happiness she brings to Rishi’s life. Being a constant hindrance in their love, Rano makes it to the top of our list of the people who never allowed Tanuja and Rishi be happy together. She is the evilest person who always pretended to be Rishi’s well wisher. She, however, neither wishes well for him nor does she cares if he is happy. But she hated Tanu in the same way and always wanted Rishi to separate from her.

Then comes Malaika, Rishi’s good friend. Rano brought Malaika to the Bedi house with the intentions of getting her married to Rishi. It was Rishi’s fortune that he found out Malaika’s truth and saved himself from the misery. After being thrown out of the Bedi house, Malaika teamed up with Shekhar (her real-life lover) to kidnap Tanuja and kill her. Malaika wanted to marry Rishi only because of his status and money and Tanuja’s presence had ruined her plans all the times. (Also Read: 4 things we should never learn from Kratika Sengar aka Tanuja)

Malaika next teamed up with Purab and this time made almost a fail proof plan. She has hired a Contract Killer to kill Tanuja in the Bedi house itself. If Tanuja dies, Rishi will once again be left without love. And who knows what good will come out of it? Tanuja’s maternal family is also amongst the people who can’t stand her being happy with her husband.

But despite all hardships, Rishi and Tanuja continued to stay strong and in love with each other even. But they have not been fortunate enough to confess their love to each other so far. We really hope that Rishi and Tanuja find a way to at least convey their love to each other. Living happily ever after is unimaginable in their case but at last, they should know that they both are madly in love.