A twisted love tale Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is a prime time drama of Colors TV. The leading roles played by Kratika Sengar and Ssharad Malhotra are beautifully chiseled. Their characters, Tanuja and Rishi are madly in love with each other since ages. They know nothing except the love which they hold in their hearts. Their love has grown to the extent of madness and they are ready to pay any price to stay together. Despite being married they could never consummate their marriage. They are always seen struggling to get their love acclaimed in the eyes of others.

The consent of their family means a lot to them and they willingly get ready to sacrifice their love for them all. We really don’t know if two people need someone else’s consent to stay in love? Are their feelings not sufficient enough to come to a decision that they will spend the rest of their lives together? Let’s make a quick recheck of Rishi and Tanuja’s lives and see if every man is as scared to confess his love for a woman, as Rishi.

1. Rano’s attempts to get Rishi remarried

Rano has always been on a bride hunt for Rishi. She never grew a liking for Tanuja and hence wants a better partner for Rishi. She is very well aware that Rishi has profound feelings for Tanuja but she thinks her judgment of Tanuja is unquestionable. In her eyes, Tanuja is just in love with Rishi for his money and will never be a good wife. Malaika was an ideal wife for Rishi in Rano’s eyes till the time her plans got revealed. After Malaika, Rano now considers Netra as an ideal  wife for Rishi. How come Rano is so blinded by the hatred that she doesn’t see how perfect a wife Tanuja is for Rishi?

We wonder if Rishi, as a son and a man, has a say in this biggest decision of his life. Shouldn’t it be upto him to decide who he wants to spend his life with?

2. Rano’s constant quest to brainwash Rishi against Tanuja: 

Rano has tried every trick in the book to make Rishi fall out of love. She wants him to obey her and not to make another woman the star of his life. She has tried convincing him, blackmailing him and has even got to the extent of threatening him. She once gave Rishi a warning that she will die if he stays married to Tanuja.

Shouldn’t Rishi have the liberty to perceive people with his own point of view? He is the man of the house after all. (Also Read: 4 things we should never learn from Kratika Sengar aka Tanuja)

3. Rishi’s failure to make his mother understand Tanuja’s value in his life: 

In all the instances when Rano tried to manipulate Rishi against Tanuja, Rishi should have taken a stand in front of her. He should have told her that he loves his wife with all his heart and will stand by her side through all thick and thin. If he will make his love the bottom line for his mother to understand, will there be any place left for anyone else in Rishi’s life?

These pointers are relatable even in real life scenarios. Rano’s character is a dramatised version of all mother-in-laws out there who have been making life complicated for their kids. So makers instead to giving tips to such people send out an inspiring message to the world. Not all mother-in-laws are so wicked, you guys are simply stereotyping them as a wicked person. Also, all men out there if you want to remain your parents puppet all your life then better choose not to marry?

We really hope that Rishi gathers courage to tell Rano that Tanuja is his wife and will always be. Just like Tanuja is expected to love his family, she is bound to get love back too. Come on, Rishi be a man enough to say that you want to be with the lady who never thought twice before risking her life for you. (Also Read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Is every love story as twisted as Rishi and Tanuja’s?)