After Prerna listens to her parents’ arguments, she asked them the whole matter. Her mother reveals that when the children went on vacation to their grandmother’s place, she suffered a heart attack and in order to pay the hospital bill, her father took the loan from Maloy.

Naveen asks Mohini if Sharma family will agree to his marriage with Prerna, to which she replies that it will be her good luck that she will get married to such a rich man. Mohini’s marriage proposal makes Prerna’s parents upset, they talk about the age gap. However, Anurag’s mother focuses on Navin’s bank balance. This hurts Prerna’s mother, who clearly says that she is not willing to sell her daughter.

Prerna feels unhappy as everybody is celebrating Rose Day but she doesn’t get a single rose. On the other hand, Anurag gets multiple roses.

Prerna finds it strange that Anurag doesn’t believe in love, whereas the latter is surprised that the lady who always talks about love doesn’t get a single rose.

Mohini sends a legal notice to Rajesh asking him to return the amount with the interest. After Prerna returns, she sees her mother worried. Her bhabhi tells her everything and tells her if she gets married to Navin, she will go to London.

Prerna’s father decides he will never get her daughter married to Navin.

In tomorrow’s episode, we will see that Prerna gets ready for marriage. Her decision doesn’t go down well with her mother, who slaps her.

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