It’s is cliched to maintain that good intentions alone don’t make for good movies. But one has to resort to that over employed line especially after watching Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut starrer Katti Batti. The film is not your regular rom-com (just in case you thought so) given the title and what is displayed on those posters. In a recent interview with, Imran Khan had maintained that the story of Katti Batti begins where most romantic tales end. Nikhil Advani’s directorial venture explores different shades of two individuals who try to make their relationship work. This certainly is not your regular romantic tale. ALSO READ: exclusive Katti Batti interview: Chat with Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut!

Well, Imran is honest with that opinion as he is with his performance in Katti Batti. Ditto can be said about Kangana Ranaut. What has marred the what can be a potential good film is the sloppy direction and the not-so-convincing back and forth narration of the tale. Save for the dramatic twist in the tale, placed almost at the end of the movie, Katti Batti makes you wonder what the heck is happening on the screen for the large part of it. The twist is difficult to swallow and even if it may leave you teary-eyed, it doesn’t make you relate to the story or to  empathise with the characters. ALSO READ: Katti Batti music review: The music of Kangana Ranaut, Imran Khan starrer is a crackerjack!

The plot: Maddy (Imran) is the quintessential guy next door who falls for Payal (Kangana) thanks to the latter’s irreverence and the air of complete non-nonchalance she has to her personality. Payal is not an easy catch. But after convincing his true love for her and displaying his ‘mantastic’ abilities, Maddy makes sure that he wins the love of his life. The two start living together. But as they come close, they start finding each other’s  flaws, more glaringly, more than ever before. So much so that the personalities they had fallen for in the first place start dissolving in the face of adversities. After going through the crest and troughs of their love graph the two start believing that they have had enough of each other. The honeymoon period (without honey-mooning) is over! Maddy decides to take Payal to Goa to think through and to work on their rocky equation. Just when the two are about to embark on the ‘damage-control’ mission, a massive explosion erupts between the two. A fight at the airport just when the flight to Goa is about to take off makes Payal decide to walk out on Maddy, perhaps forever!

Payal’s sudden disappearance from Maddy’s life leaves the man miserable and shattered. Days later he realises that Payal is all set to get married with his (Maddy’s) nemesis. Will Maddy win Payal back or will the reality hit him hard in the face? You will have to watch the movie to get answers to that question.

What’s hot? Imran sinks into the character of a guy next door with remarkable ease. Kangy unleashes the much needed quirky bit her character Payal demands. The two have delivered sincere performances. In spite of being as different as chalk and cheese, on and off the screen, the duo’ chemistry  is noteworthy. 

The film has it’s moments that keep you entertained and exposes the vulnerabilities of its lead characters. The cinematography and screenplay makes this movie a breezy watch.

What’s not! Not-so-precise direction and the back-and-forth style of narration coupled with strictly average editing mar what could have otherwise been a good film with a solid message.

Our verdict: Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti is watch-able in parts thanks to some really good moments it produces. Imran and Kangana’s unusual pairing works well for the hatke story. The film-maker has his heart at the right place, but his choppy direction fails to make the audiences empathise with the lead characters and the trauma they suffer. In the end one must add that watch this movie because it is not your regular rom com. The inherent message of the narrative is as sincere as Kangy and Imran’s performances!

Rating: 2.5 stars