Megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11 begins the episode with the introduction of all contestants. Big B rolls out the fastest finger first question and jail superintendent takes on the hot seat. He has worked in Indian Railways for 16 years. He also worked as an assistant station master in Jharkhand where he used to control traffic signals. When he told his wife about his job as a jail superintendent, she was initially happy but was also worried about him as he was made as in-charge of convicted criminals. During his training period, he learned about the criminal justice system and psychology to deduce the criminal state of mind.

It will be interesting to watch if he wins Rs 1 crore and becomes the next crorepati of the season.

Check out tonight’s toughest questions:

Q. Which of these is a type of toy that spins on its axis?

A. Lattu

Q. Which kind of dried fruit do you get from a tree related to the palm family?

A. Nariyal 

Q. By which of these names is this character addressed in the film? (video plays on the LCD screen)

A. Baahubali 

Q. According to a proverb, whose punitive stick makes no sound?

A. Khuda

Q. Whose voice can be heard in this audio clip? (Audio plays in the background)

A. Kiran Bedi

Q. If you reach escape velocity what are you escaping from?

A. Gravity

Q. This tomb of the founder of the Suri Empire is situated in which state or UT? (Picture displays on the LCD screen)

A. Bihar

Q. Which of these players finished as the leading run-scorer in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

A. Rohit Sharma

Q. Which film did Manoj Kumar make at Lal Bahadur Shashtri’s request, based on the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”?

A. Upkar

Q. Who, according to scriptures, was the father of Garuda, the king of birds and the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. 

A. Kashyapa

Ajeet uses the lifeline to flip the question and chooses the category ‘Heritage & History’.

Q. Which of these freedom fighters was not part of the Kakori Conspiracy of 1925?

A. Damodar Chapekar

After his father’s death due to brain hemorrhage, his family survived on his father’s pension. Ajeet started taking tuitions and taught math, science and social studies to students of 6th to 8th grade. With the income from tuition, he bought his college books.

Q. Which state is bounded by Myanmar to the east and south, and Bangladesh to the west?

A. Mizoram

Q. What was the codename given to the airstrike on the terrorist training camps in Balakot by the Indian Air Force?

A. Operation Bandar

Buzzer rang indicating at the end of episode and Ajeet Kumar will be playing the Rs 1crore question tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the latest updates!