It will be interesting to watch if he wins Rs 1 crore and becomes the next crorepati of the season. Ajeet Kumar is the rollover contestant and it will be interesting to watch if he wins Rs 1 crore and becomes the next crorepati of the season.

Ajeet  Kumar has worked in Indian Railways for 16 years. He also worked as an assistant station master in Jharkhand where he used to control traffic signals. When he told his wife about his job as a jail superintendent, she was initially happy but was also worried about him as he was made as in-charge of convicted criminals. During his training period, he learned about the criminal justice system and psychology to deduce the criminal state of mind.

Take a look at the questions here:


Question for 25,000,00

To take up a legal matter on behalf of which firm did MG Gandhi go to South Africa in 1893?

Dada Abdullah and Company

Question for 50,000,00

Who was the first captain of India’s national football team after Independence?

Talimeren Ao

Question for 1,00,00,000

Which was the first British satellite to have been launched successfully by a British rocket?


Ajeet Kumar has won a whooping sum of Rs. 1 crore. congratulates him.

Question for 7,00,00,000

Who is the first cricketer to score two T20 International fifties on the same day in two different matches?

Mohammad Shahzad

Ajeet gave up all the benefits and perks he would have got as a Railway Officer as soon as he got the job of a Jail Superintendent. He always wanted a job where he feels that he has contributed to the betterment of society. With this prize money, he would like to buy a house as he has accommodated his family in a rented apartment while living away from them.

Now, on the hot seat, Chandan Kumar from Jharkhand is there. He works as an Electrical signal maintainer in the Indian Railways. He aims to be a sub-inspector in Police. He feels that he could be one of the best police officers because of his good height and strong physique.

What does the first C stand for in IRCTC?


The buzzer rang indicating at the end of the episode and Chandan Kumar will be playing the game tomorrow.