Tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 opens to megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan introducing roll-over contestant Sangita Chowdhury. She is a branch postmaster from West Bengal. Recently, she attempted the B.Ed course examination from Gour Banga University and is waiting for the result. She secured her job on the basis of her merit while pursuing her B.Sc. course. Her work is to look after all the financial transactions of recurring deposit accounts and savings accounts and letter deliveries. She has studied in a Bengali medium school and has learned to speak Hindi by watching Bollywood films and Hindi TV shows.

Check out the toughest questions from tonight’s episode:

Q. Which of these disappears when it comes in contact with the air for a few days?

A. Camphur

Q. Which of these leaders immediately succeeded their father or mother as prime minister of their country?

A. Rajiv Gandhi

Sangita flips the question and chooses the category Entertainment.

Q. With which musical note of Indian classical music did music director R D Burman share his nickname?

A. Pancham

Q. The white tiger is a colour of which subspecies of tiger?

A. Bengal tiger

Q. Which Indian brand is sometimes referred to as Hathiwala cream?

A. Boroline

Q. Which of these Lok Sabha MPs is a former investment banker?

A. Mahua Moitra

Q. Of which of these fruits in India the world’s largest producer?

A. Banana

Q. In Hindu mythology, Rishi Vasishtha was a preceptor of which clan?

A. Ikshvaku

Sangita quits the show and takes home Rs 6,40,000. Big B introduces a child Rudra, who is suffering from blood cancer and is getting her treatment done in Mumbai hospital. Karamveer Purnota Dutta Bahl talks about the importance of nutrition for getting the right treatment and fighting against the disease. Big B welcomes her on KBC. She is known for providing nutrition to underprivileged children suffering from cancer in Government and charitable hospitals through her foundation. The Cuddles Foundation launched a capacity-building program that focuses on the needs to fight cancer in children and provided them with the best advice and care.

Purnota said: “Firstly, I would like to reiterate that children’s cancer can be cured, so if you have the slightest of doubt that your child is unwell, please take them to a medical personnel. Also, Cuddle’s foundation has acquired success because most people in our organisation are medical professionals. People have wrong notion that people who work in NGOs don’t do well financially. The fact is that you can lead a comfortable life even while working for not-for-profits organisation.

“In today’s time, India needs more professionals to come forward and help us with these causes. Also, many children take medical treatment, but do not focus on nutrition which is also required for them to build immunity and fight the disease.”

Big B welcomes actor Emraan Hashmi on KBC and talks about his son Ayaan suffering from cancer and his struggles during the tough times. In 2016, he launched an autobiographical book called “The Kiss of Life”. Through this book, he extensively talks about guidelines, nutritional planning, hospital procedures and the power to fight cancer. “I have been following Purnota’s work since many years because my son was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, and later my mother too became a victim of the disease. A family is emotionally devastated when somebody from that family is diagnosed with cancer,” said Emraan.

“My son Ayaan’s remission phase – during which cancer might make a comeback – was a tough phase for us as we parents go through a lot of fear psychosis. The whole process is psychologically disturbing. While researching about the disease, I got to know that nutrition plays an important role in the treatment as the body needs a strong immune system while going through the treatment. Even after the medical treatment, we have to focus on follow-up care, which involves proper nutrition and the well-being of a person, which has been the focal point of the Cuddle foundation.”

Q. By what other name is the “C” shaped road along with Marine Drive also known?

A. Queen’s Necklace

Q. A regular 100 gram serving of which of these will have the maximum amount of protein in it?

A. Grilled Chicken 

Q. The name of which Shakespeare character also features in the title of Jon Abraham movie, “_______ Akbar Walter”?

A. Romeo

Nutritionists use games, support group sessions, and counseling to inform parents about nutrition from a long-term health perspective. An impact study found that the rate of treatment in children with cancer has decreased by 86% after planned nutrition became a part of cancer treatment. She has won the National Award for Child Welfare. Her NGO first started its services with Tata Memorial Hospital and now 6 years later, it caters to 24 hospitals in 19 cities from Madurai to Srinagar and Guwahati to Mumbai.

Emraan’s son Ayan was diagnosed with kidney cancer when he was just 3 years and 10 months old. After 5 years of treatment, his son was declared cancer-free in January 2019.

Q. According to Hindu scriptures, what was the name of Savitri’s husband?

A. Satyavaan 

Q. If in 10 minutes, Suman covers a distance of 1 km, Sujata 1 mile, Deepika 500 meters, and Anita 100 yards, then who covered the maximum distance?

A. Sujata 

The purpose of her NGO is to never ignore the nutritional needs of a child at any cost. Therefore, nutritionists have been hired and trained in collaboration with Tata Memorial in pediatric oncology nutrition.

Q. Which of these sports tournaments is played annually at a single venue?

A. Wimbledon Championships 

Q. In which Hindi film did this song originally feature?

A. Rocky

Q. Which mythical animal’s name is commonly applied to a start-up company valued at over one billion dollars?

A. Unicorn 

The Cuddles Foundation started when Purnota saw a child in critical condition at the Tata Memorial Hospital with a black thread in his leg just like her daughter at that time. She then realised her daughter was lucky and decided to do more than just donate to these underprivileged children.

Q. “Close to the Bone” is a 2019 autobiographical account by which former model-actor?

A. Lisa Ray 

Q. Which of these countries and its capital is not correctly paired?

A. Turkey-Istanbul

Q. In the wake of a recent crisis, which of these has been dubbed by the media as “lungs of the earth”?

A. Amazon Rainforest

Q.Identify these fighter jets, used by the Indian Air Force in the Balakot air strikes? (Image displays on the LCD screen)

A. Mirage 2000

Q.Which actor won his first national film award for his debut movie as a lead actor in “Mrigayaa”?

A. Mithun Chakraborty

Purnota and Emraan quits the show and wins Rs 6,40,000.

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