Amitabh Bachchan starts the KBC 11 episode with a video of all the contestants who won Rs 1 crore till now in this season. He now resumes the game with the rollover contestant Abinash Kumar Mohanta, who is a student from Odisha and is preparing for the OPSC exam to become an Odisha Administrative Service officer. He tells Big B that he wants to open the electrical hardware store if he fails to crack the exam. Abinash often hesitates a little while talking to unknown people, therefore he wants to work on his oratory skills so that he can talk to people without any hesitation.

On account of Vijay Vishwas, the show has members of the Mumbai Fire Brigade, the firefighters who save lives and homes. RT to show them your appreciation. Amitabh Bachchan welcomed experts of the day Shekhar Gupta who is a journalist and an author.

Abinash is very close to his father but also a little afraid of him as his father is the decision-maker of the house. At times, Abinash accompanies his father to get groceries. He stopped taking tuitions to focus on his OAS exams. He would like to open an electrical hardware store if he fails to crack this exam.

What does R stand for in NCERT?


What sparkles due to the internal reflection of light?


When returning from Lanka after emerging victorious, whom did Lord Rama send ahead as his messenger to Bharat?


How many persons with the surname Patnaik have served as Chief Minister of Odisha?


Which disease is not included in the Government of India’s vaccination drive, Mission Indradhanush?


Abinash is a sports enthusiast. During his childhood, he aspired to become a sports scientist but could not fulfill his dream as he was pursuing engineering.

How many coastal states are there in India?


Abinash wants to marry a woman unlike himself and has so far loved only one girl, who left him without any reason. Therefore, he decided to focus on his career.

In which sport has Graham Reid been appointed the chief coach of the Indian men’s national team in 2019?


Which was the only Lok Sabha constituency that Ramnath Goenka represented in his entire public life?


Which cricketer holds the distinction of scoring the first overseas Test century for India?

Syed Mushtaq Ali

Abinash has won Rs 3,20,000 and with the prize money, he would like to save the amount for buying a car for his father.

Sukhvinder Kaur has answered in the shortest time and has made it to the hot seat tonight.