In today’s episode of KBC 11, Suraj Ashok Shevatkar from Amravati in Maharashtra has won the fastest fingers first. He is a Technician in Indian Railways and hails from Anjangoan Bari village and currently lives in Nagpur with his wife.

His job involves mechanical work where he puts levers, brakes and looks after the boogies of passenger trains. He also has to be cautious with the use of machines and gas torches. Before securing a job in railways, he opened his coaching centre called ‘Success Mirror’ for competitive exams in his village. Currently, he teaches once or twice in a month.

Have a look at the questions and answers:


Which of these terms describes a period of 50 years?

Ardha- Shatabdi

Which is a team game, not an individual game?


Which fibre is obtained from the substance around the seeds of a plant?


Suraj Ashok Shevatkar wants to make his village into a green village, Therefore, he is a member of Paryavaran Mitra Mandal’along with other villagers. Together they have grown around 300 trees in his village.

Electric current is measured using what device?

Ampere Meter

According to Indian scripture, what is Vaitarani or Vaitarna?

River to Narklok

Which animal does not have any bones?

Jelly Fish

Suraj has won only Rs 10,000. The next contestant to sit on the hot seat is Pankaj Maheshwari from Rajasthan. He is a tax consultant and is currently preparing for the government teaching exams. He has qualified the National Eligibility Test. He aspires to be a Chartered Accountant and is a CA inter pass out as well. However, he could not clear the first few attempts of CA finals but will try again for the same.


With reference to telecommunication in India, what is the meaning of D in STD, ISD?


Which dish is associated with Rajasthan?

Dal Baati

According to the Mahabharata, who did Duryodhan challenge to play a game with dice?


Who is Allah Rakha in the film Coolie?

A Bird

Pankaj’s uncle has raised him since childhood therefore, he is willing to take his uncle and aunty to all the holy pilgrimage destinations. His uncle helped him in opening a small office where Pankaj works as a tax consultant. He has approximately 80 clients to whom he gives advice on tax savings and investment benefits.

What name, shared with famous scooter sold by them earlier, have Bajaj?


Which is the only country to successfully send an orbit to Mars in the first attempt?


Pankaj wishes to marry someone who can live in a joint family, accepting his past and treat his uncle and aunty like her parents.

Which company’s first product was sunflower vanaspati?


Pankaj Maheshwari has won 3,20,000 till now. He is the roll-over contestant for tomorrow.

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