In today’s episode, Shaheda Chandran from Rajkot is sitting on the hot seat. She is a showroom in-charge at Royale Touche Laminates. Her job is to help the customers select a laminate to decorate their homes. She likes her job as she enjoys giving suggestions to people.

Shaheda lives with her husband and son in Rajkot. Her parents have abandoned her when she eloped and got married as her father was never in favor of inter-caste marriage. Shaheda cooks Kerala and Gujarati cuisine on alternate days as her husband likes that. Her husband taught her to speak Malayalam.

Amitabh Bachchan introduces the expert for this episode, Richa Anirudh.

Have a look at the questions and answers:


If a 24-hour clock shows the time 1400 hrs at a railway station, then what time corresponds to it in 12-hour clock?

2:00 pm

The people of which state celebrate the new year as Vishu?


Which angel is believed to have revealed the divine message of the Quran to the Prophet Mohammad?


Which is the only Indian state to currently have a woman chief minister?

West Bengal

Which ruler was the contemporary of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb?


In which language was the devotional song ‘ Vaishnava Jana to tene kahiye’ originally composed?


Shaheda Chandran really hopes that her family will try to approach her and accept her once again. By coming on the show she wants everyone to see her on the TV and listen to her heart out. She and her husband work together in Yeti Color Lab. It wasn’t love at first sight but she gradually fell in love with his caring nature.

In which event at the Olympics has India not yet won a medal?


The Chandrayaan 2 mission attempted a landing on which part of the moon?

South Pole

Which personality kept a portrait of Gandhiji, along with that of physicists Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell in his house at Princeton?

Albert Einstein

Shaheda Chandran has decided to quit the game after a total tally of Rs. 12,50,000.

Dr. Ashu Sethi is the next contestant on the hot seat. She is a dental surgeon from Chandigarh. she was raised in Haryana but currently lives in Punjab. She is married and has two children. Despite financial issues, her parents encouraged her to pursue medical education. She wants to fulfil all the wishes of her children so that they don’t face the struggles that she had suffered.

She met her husband at her medical college where they studied together and then married after dating for five years.

If you are driving a car in India, traffic police cannot fine you for?


Dr. Ashu Sethi gives us some tips on how to maintain oral hygiene.