Megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11 with roll-over contestant Dr. Ashu Sethi. She is a dental surgeon from Chandigarh. she was raised in Haryana but currently lives in Punjab. She is married and has two children. Despite financial issues, her parents encouraged her to pursue medical education. She wants to fulfill all the wishes of her children so that they don’t face the struggles that she had suffered. She met her husband at her medical college where they studied together and then married after dating for five years.

Her husband and daughter’s birthday is on the same day so they have a grand birthday celebration at home twice a year.

Check out tonight’s toughest questions:

Q. In which Indian state would you find the regions of North Chotanagpur and South Chotanagpur?

A. Jharkhand 

Q. Identify the politician seen in this video clip? (video plays on the LCD screen)

A. Bhagwant Maan 

Q. According to Mahabharata, which of these characters was the brother of Queen Madri and uncle to Nakul and Sahadev? 

A. Shalya 

Q. Who is this theosophist and ardent proponent of self-rule in India and Ireland? (Image displays on LCD screen)

A. Annie Besant 

Q. According to Hindu mythology, which son of Dashratha is considered an avatar of Seshnag?

A. Lakshmana

Q. In 2019, the Indian Parliament passed the Personal Laws (Amendment) Bill that removed which of these conditions as a criterion for divorce? 

A. Leprosy

Q. Cricketer Dinesh Karthik is married to which sportsperson who has won medals at both the Commonwealth and the Asian Games?

A. Dipika Pallikal 

Dr Ashu answers the question wrongly and takes home Rs 3,20,000. Big B rolls out the fastest finger first question and Sushma Singh Chauhan takes on the hot seat. She hails from Gwalior and works as a principal of a college established by her parents-in-law since last 3 years. Despite being miles apart, her husband tries to keep her happy by sending her bouquets and chocolates. They both fated for each other on Karvachauth as well this year. She talks about the tragic incident when her elder son had an accident in the bathroom due to gas geyser. Her son was in 10th standard when he went to take a bath and closed all the doors. Due to that, the geyser absorbed all the oxygen and realised carbon monoxide which fainted her elder son. He went into a coma but eventually came to his senses after a few hours. After the accident, his left peripheral of the brain is damaged and his learning side is also completely damaged.

Q. According to an idiom, knowing the value of which of these refers to realising the true extent of difficulties?

A. Aate-Daal

Q. On what occasion do women traditionally sing songs called Sohar?

A. Annaprashan 

Q. Which of these names is common to a type of pants and a type of ship?

A. Cargo 

Q. Salman Rushdie’s “Booker of Booker’s” Prize-winning novel is titled “Midnight’s ___” what?

A. Children 

Q. Which of these is obtained from a secretion of insects?

A. Lac 

Q. Who is speaking here? (Audio plays at the background)

A. Shekhar Suman 

Q. In which historical town would you find tourist attractions such as the Ram Raja Temple, the Jahangir Mahal and the Chaturbhuj Temple?

A. Orchha

Q. Which classical singer is seen in this image? (image displays on LCD screen)

A. Kumar Gandharva

Q. Which of the only Union Territory or state in India that has had two women serve consecutively as chief minister?

A. Delhi

Q. Who holds the record for winning the maximum number of medals at the AIBA World Boxing Championships?

A. Mary Kom 

Sushma becomes the roll-over contestant for the next episode. She wins Rs 3, 20, 000 so far.

KBC celebrates 50 glorious years of Amitabh Bachchan in the entertainment industry.