In tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11, megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins by throwing light on the festival of Navami. He moves on to briefly introduce the 10 contestants competing for the Fastest Finger First round before posing the question. A video shows how these contestants prepared themselves for the FFF round. Deepak Vishwakarma becomes the only contestant to correctly answer Big B’s question, “Arrange the names of Lord Ganesh according to the body parts mentioned from head to toe“. Deepak breaks into happy tears as he settles himself on the seat. He is taken through the rules of the game and introduced to the expert for the night, Colonel Vembu Shankar (Retd), an Indian Army hero, who was awarded Shaurya Chakra for an act of Gallantry in Jammu & Kashmir. Deepak is accompanied on the show by his wife, sister and brother-in-law.

Here are the questions Amitabh asks Deepak:

Fill in the missing word in the phrase, “Matru devo bhava. Pitr devo bhava. Acharya devo bhava. _ devo bhava”

Ans A) Atithi

Which sweet is not a single item but has two different components?

Ans D) Kulfi falooda

If there are four aces in a standard pack of cards, how many kings are there?

Ans D) 4

In this audio clip which film of his is the person talking about? (audio plays in the backdrop)

Ans B) Bade Miyan Chote Miyan

The name of which reptile is also the name of a computer programming language?

Ans D) Python

With this, Deepak successfully clears the first quarter and wins Rs 10, 000 which means that he will now get 60 seconds instead of 45 seconds to answer the next set of questions.

The audience is then taken through Deepak’s humbling journey of working as a paperboy and now to a worker in an MNC. A painting enthusiast, Deepak narrates his future dream of coming up with his own business one day. Amitabh cracks up the audience when he asks Deepak if he has ever painted his wife to which he shares that once when his wife had gone to her maternal home, he couldn’t sleep at night and ended up painting her portrait. Her portrait flashes on the screen for the viewers to see and we must admit, the man has some stellar skills for a person who took no art classes. Deepak then gifts Amitabh a portrait of the megastar that he had painted. The game then continues.

Which school chain established in 1952 for the wards of government employees has 12222 branches including schools in Kathmandu, Tehran and Moscow?

Confused, Deepak opts for an audience poll.

Ans C) Kendriya Vidyalaya

Which Pakistani president signed the Tashkent agreement with Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966?

Confused, Deepak chooses to flip the question but before leaving, answers C) Yahya Khan which is wrong. The correct answer is A) Ayub Khan.

Which deity’s daughters-in-law are Riddhi and Siddhi?

Ans C) Shiv

Identify the prominent banker seen in the image (image flashes in the backdrop).

Confused, Deepak opts for another lifeline. He chooses to ask the expert.

Ans D) Uday Kotak

Which captain of 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup teams is a Member of Parliament of his country?

Confused, Deepak chooses to use up his last lifeline 50-50

Ans A) Masharfe Mustafa

Which river originating in Madhya Pradesh crosses the Tropic of Cancer twice?

Deepak chooses to quit the game in the lack of any lifelines and given his confusion. Before leaving, he answers A) Luni which is wrong. The correct answer is Mahi. Deepak carries home a sum of Rs 1,60,000 which Amitabh transfers digitally to his account before clicking a selfie and bidding him farewell.

Moving on, Amitabh conducts another round of Fastest Finger First. Shailesh Bansal from Gurugram, Haryana graces the hot seat having answered the question in less than 5 seconds. Amitabh takes the viewers through Shailesh’s emotional video where he is seen swooning over his family members especially his mother. Working in a private company, Shailesh is from Jaipur but has been working in Gurugram for the past 5-6 years. Shailesh is accompanied on the show by his parents and wife. Amitabh takes him through the rules of the game and introduces him to the expert for the night.

Here are the questions Amitabh asks Shailesh

Which app is not a mobile game?

Ans D) Zomato

Which is not a type of computer printer?

Ans C) Router

Which Indian president’s name is a part of the film name, “I Am _”?

Ans A) Kalaam

Which is not a unit of time?

Confused, Shailesh opts for the audience poll lifeline

Ans C) Light year

In this video clip, identify the lead dancer who appears with Raghav Juvyal (video plays in the backdrop).

Ans D) Dharmesh Yelande

With this Shailesh clears the first quarter and wins Rs 10,000 which means that he will now get 60 seconds instead of 45 seconds to answer the next set of questions.

What are ambemohar, dubraj, sona masuri and gobindbhog varities of?

Confused, Shailesh opts for the 50-50 lifeline.

Ans  B) Rice

Amitabh lightens up the atmosphere by schooling himself on terms like PDA and pre-wedding photoshoot. Shailesh fills him with this knowledge when a video of Shailesh’s pre-wedding shoot plays for the audience which turns his wife emotional. Still not convinced, Amitabh takes a dig on the need for such things when Shailesh suggests that he could get a post-wedding shoot done.

Which of these states does not share a boundary with each other?

Ans C) Telangana-Tamil Nadu

Identify this temple situated in Rajasthan (image flashes in the backdrop)

Ans D) Karni Mata

With that the buzzer sounds for the show to end. Shailesh ends up with Rs 80,000 so far and will be continuing in Tuesday’s episode.

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