Megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11  with rollover contestant Shivani.

Check out the toughest question from today’s episode:

Q. Which bird with far-seeing vision told Hanuman’s search party that Sita was held captive in Lanka?

A. Sampati

Q. Besides Nathuram Godse, who else was hanged at Ambala Jail on November 15, 1949 for having assassinated Gandhiji?

A. Narayan Apte

Shivani gives the wrong answer and takes home Rs 3,20,000.  Big B rolls out the fastest finger first question.

Abhishek Jha takes on the hot seat and does dap as soon as he gets up from his seat. He is an Associate Agency Development Manager in an insurance company. He hails from Bihar and has been brought up in Punjab. He is also a member of the Indian Stammering Association. He belongs to a lower-middle-class family. He wants to get rid of his stammering problem. So, he contacted the Indian Stammering Association which is a self-help and a free organisation. He gained his confidence there and learned a few exercises to improve his stammering habit. When he joined the association it was at an emerging stage and today it has expanded across the country. The members of the association often meet and motivate each other by practicing a few exercises such as talking to strangers and reading out newspapers loudly.

Q. Which of these idioms means to interfere in or prevent somebody else’s enjoyment or happiness?

A. Kabab Mein Haddi

Q. Which of these is also available in the ‘dunaali’ or two-pipe variant?

A. Gun

Q. Which of these terms is not related to the sport of football?

A. Drag Flick

Q. In the Indian legal system, what are anticipatory, interim and regular types of?

A. Bail

Q. Which of the following has the most number of digits?


Q. In this video clip, who is the author? (video clip plays in the backdrop)

A. Amish Tripathi

Q. Identify the vocalist in this song (audio of Kala Chashma plays in the backdrop)

A. Neha Kakkar

Q. Which of these does the bank, whose logo is shown here, mainly cater to? (image of NABARD flashes in the backdrop)

A. Agriculture and Rural Development

Q. If Jamunapari and Beetel are breeds of goat, what are Karakul and Nilgiri types of?

Confused, Abhishek opts for audience poll helpline.

A. Sheep

Q. After watching which play in his childhood did Mahatma Gandhi vow to follow the path of truthfulness all his life?

Confused, Abhishek opts to flip the question but before leaving answers, Ram Leela, which is wrong. The correct answer is Harishchandra. Amitabh then poses another question.

Q.  Who became the Man of the Match in 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup final?

A. Ben Stokes

With this, Abhishek successfully wins a cheque of Rs 3,25,000 from Amitabh.

Q. Ramaswami Parmeshwaran was awarded with Param Vir Chakra for his services during Operation Pawan in which country?

Confused, Abhishek opts for

A. Sri Lanka 

The buzzer sounds for the show to end which means that Abishek will continue playing the quiz in Wednesday’s episode.

Watch out this space for more updates on KBC 11!