Today’s Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 episode starts with Amitabh Bachchan rolls out faster finger the first question to all the contestants. The fastest to answer the question is Dr. Surbhi Gunjan Dave. She is a Lecturer in the District Institute of Education and Training from Gujarat. She provides training to all the teachers who are recruited in the government schools.

Dr. Surbhi Gunjan Dave has been studious since childhood and has approximately nine degrees including a P.h.D in Education. Now, she wishes to pursue a D.Litt degree in Education.

Dr. Surbhi Gunjan Dave got married while pursuing her M.Com. Post marriage, her father-in-law recognized her dedication in managing her job, household chores and studies altogether. He then advised her to pursue B.Ed.

Check out the toughest questions from tonight’s episode:


Saavdhan and Vishram positions are most likely to be used in?


Which colour is mixed in equal parts with red to obtain pink?


Which fiber is obtained from the stem of a plant?


In January 2019, the Indian parliament passed a bill that allows 10% reservations in jobs and educational institutions for?

Economically weaker sections

Which is not a part of the marketing mix r 4 Ps of marketing?


Which Indian traditional sport is believed to have originated from the ancient sport of Rathera which involves tagging chariots and horses?


Traditionally, which of these is considered 24 in number?

Jain Tirthankar

Dr. Surbhi Gunjan Dave’s husband has been her friend, guide and philosopher. After meeting him she realized that knowledge from books is not enough and that once can gain knowledge from television, newspapers, documents as well.

In which of the following would you find the smallest bone in the body?


In Mythology, which king had his wife’s statute kept by his side in Ashvamedha? 


If Dr. Surbhi wins KBC, she would like to travel across India with her son and husband. She also wishes to establish motivational and psychological career counseling centers for students who suffer from depression. Amitabh Bachchan is her favorite celebrity. She used to watch all his movies along with her brother in their village where there was a small theatre which was operated with a projector.

After which act of terrorism was NIA, the National Investigation Agency formed with special powers to probe terror claims?

Mumbai Attacks 2008

Where in Gujarat was the Parsi holy fire kept for over 300 years before being shifted to Bulsar and in 1742 to Udvada, its present location?


Unfortunately, Dr. Surbhi gave the wrong answer. Nevertheless, she wins Rs. 3,20,000.

Sunny Prajapati from Mumbai is the next contestant. He is a student pursuing B.Com. along with the Company Secretary course who wishes to support his family. His mother runs a general store and after returning home from his classes, Sunny helps her run the general store so that she can go back and cook dinner for the family.

Sunny is quite passionate about photography. He likes clicking selfies and making videos of himself on his mobile which he then uploads on social media.

Who is the rapper behind DJ Waley Babu?


Walking a straight-line path from Shillong to Kolkata could take you through which all countries?


If the price of one apple is Rs 15, how many apples can you buy in Rs. 180?


Sunny’s father worked very hard to educate him in an English medium school against the wishes of Sunny’s grandfather who wanted to educate him in a municipality school.

What is the minimum age to sign up for Facebook?


There goes the hooter which means Sunny will be back on the hot seat tomorrow to play.