The new episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 begins with a video on Mahatma Gandhi with a voiceover by megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan. Reiterating, “Gandhi ko agar samajhna hai toh khud Gandhi bann ke dekho“,  Amitabh set the mood for the special episode on Gandhi Jayanti.  Amitabh also throws light on Lal Bahadur Shastri, as the day marks his birthday too. On this note, the Karamveer episode takes a head start and with that Amitabh introduces Dr Bindeshwar Pathak. With a long list of awards and accolades, Dr Pathak’s biggest achievement is providing the facilities for hygienic defecation to masses without access to it. He is aided in his efforts by Ashish Singh. Big B takes the audience through the duo’s untiring efforts of coming up with Sulabh Shauchalaya.

Amitabh takes the duo through the rules of the game before posing his set of questions. He introduces them to the expert for the night.

Here are the questions Amitabh asks Dr Bindeshwar Pathak and Ashish Singh:

How many wise monkeys are there in a pictorial maxim related to Gandhi ji?

Ans B) Three

In Rajkummar Hirani’s first Munna Bhai series, Munna enrolls for which degree in the college?


Which document contains a part that deals with Fundamental Rights?

Ans A) Bharat Ka Samvidhaan

Dr Pathak is accompanied on the show by his wife, daughter and President of Sulabh International.

What does the third ‘R’ represent in waste management?

Ans Recycle

In the context of the human body, what is ‘daarh’ a type of?

Ans B) Teeth

With this, the social activists successfully clear the first quarter and land with Rs 10, 000 which means that they will get 60 seconds instead of 45 seconds to answer the next set of questions.

On which actress is this song picturised? (audio plays in the backdrop)

Confused, the doctor and his aid take audience poll.

Ans C) Wahida Rehman

In which language was the novel Chandrakanta originally written?

Confused, the duo opts for the expert advice lifeline.

Ans A) Hindi

Which palace of the Wodeyars is this, also known for its Dusshera celebrations? (image flashes in the backdrop)

Ans D) Mysore Palace

In which city is the world’s highest bronze statue of Gandhiji located?

Confused, the duo chooses to flip the question but before leaving they answer B) Patna which is the right answer. Amitabh however, poses another question.

Which state did not exist before 2014?

Ans C) Telangana

What are the sacred texts of the Buddha’s teachings in Pali known as?

Ans B) Tipitaka

Answering all the questions correctly so far, Dr Pathak and Ashish earn a cheque of Rs 3,20,000 from the host, Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh then takes the audience through a short video where Ashish shows how they transformed a dumping site in Indore, through financial modelling and turned it to look like a forest area. Not only this, they installed biodegradable plants that produce CNG for vehicles.

Who was the President of Janata Dal Party after Emergency?

Ans D) Chandra Shekhar

Who invented Phonograph in 1877?

Ans C) Thomas Edison

The buzzer sounds for the show to end. Dr Pathak and Ashish Singh carry home a total of Rs 12,50,000.

Watch out this space for more updates on KBC 11!