Tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 starts with megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan introducing the rollover contestant, Payal from Tuesday’s episode. Payal is a blogger from Mumbai who researches and writes about gold prices. After hearing the insights she gives into her job, Amitabh begins the quiz game with Payal.

Here are questions Amitabh asks Payal:

Which of these is an ornament worn on the feet?

Ans C) Nupur

Which cricket player is allowed to play gloves inside the field?

Ans B) Batsman

Which day is not celebrated in India on May 1?

Confused, Payal opts for the 50-50 line.

Ans C) Yoga Day

With that Payal crosses the first quarter after which Amitabh takes the audience through her brief video. She narrates how she and her husband married in a temple without informing her parents but the tensions at the in-laws house made the lovebirds shift to her uncle’s place. It was after that and with her husband’s support, Payal landed with her current job. Though she was successful in convincing her parents later, the tension between the in-laws has not yet been resolved. Amitabh questions Payal why her parents were pissed in the first place to which she reveals that it was because her husband was from a different community. Big B is left shocked to know that even now such anti-community thoughts prevail among people. When Payal defends saying that it happened 14 years back, Amitabh remained unperturbed.

Identify the song from this instrumental piece.

Ans B) Tan Tana Tan

Which name also means gold or golden in Sanskrit?

Ans A) Hema

In which state is Maballapuram located?

Ans Tamil Nadu

Which monument was built first?

Confused, Payal chooses to flip the question but before leaving, answers B) Qutub Minar which was correct.

What was the first film produced by Aamir Khan Productions?

Confused, Payal opts for the expert’s help.

Ans B) Lagaan

Which Indian state will get the world’s first ultra-fast hyperloop transportation system?

Ans A) Maharashtra

Having answered all the questions successfully so far, Payal gets a cheque of Rs 3,20,000 from Amitabh.

Which Ruskin Bond work is a collection of his stories about Garhwal over the years, named after his place of domicile?

Ans D) Landour Bazaar

In 2013, Chitra Ramakrishna became the first woman Managing Director and CEO of which organisation?

Ans A) National Stock Exchange

In mythology, who among the following was the ‘bhabhi’ of Sri Krishna?

Confused, Payal chooses to quit the game and Amitabh transfer Rs 12,50,000 into her account. Before leaving, Payal answers C) Revati which was correct.

With that, Amitabh conducts a round of Fastest Finger First and asks the contestants to arrange the films in increasing order of the numbers that appear in their title. Bhavesh Kumar, a medical coding manager from Noida, UP answers the quickest and graces the hotseat. On Amitabh’s curiosity, Bhavesh elaborates on his profession after which the audience is taken through his humbling video.

Here are the questions Amitabh asks Bhavesh:

Which word means the opposite of the Hindi word “saral”?

Ans C) Jatil

In the film “Sholay“, what is the response to “Kitne aadmi thae“?

Ans C) 2 aadmi thae 

What helps milk convert to curd?

Ans B) Bacteria

Identify the Ramon Magsaysay award winner. (Audio plays in the backdrop)

Ans A) Ravish Kumar

What are the muscles infront of your thighs called?

Ans D) Quadriceps

The hooter for the show to end sounds which means Bhavesh will continue playing in Thursday’s episode.

Watch this space for the latest updates on KBC 11!