Megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11 with a story about Mahatma Gandhi. He rolls out the fastest finger first question and Arun Kumar Mishra takes on the hot seat. He is an Upper Division government school teacher. He belongs to a Brahmin middle-class family. Originally From Etawah, he has been brought up in a district called Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh. He has always been supportive of his wife who wanted to be a teacher as well. In fact, he got married on the condition that his wife should not quit her studies post marriage.

Check out today’s toughest questions:

Q. What is missing in this title of a film starring Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, “________ Apna Apna?

A. Andaz 

Q. Which of these is a type of pen as well as an ornamental structure?

A. Fountain Pen 

Q.Which of these words means democracy in Urdu?

A. Jamhooriyat 

Q. Which of these commands is executed using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ P

A. Print 

Q. What is another name for Vitamin C?

A.  Ascorbic Acid 

Arun believes that understanding is better than learning. Therefore, he teaches his students sometimes in an open area near a pond or under the trees to make them understand chapters easily. He created a small chemistry laboratory by himself for tribal students. In this initiative, his friends helped him by supplying chemicals from their college. His efforts were recognised by the education department and as a result, he is now a teacher in a Government Girls Higher Secondary school. He likes to be part of cultural programmes. He used to direct and act in plays during his school and college days. Now, he utilizes his time to learn innovative ideas to teach students.

Q. Which of these places forms the backdrop of this movie? (video plays at the background)

A. Pokhran

Q. The person seen in this image is associated with which classical dance form?

A. Kathak

Q. Kartarpur is the place associated with which of these events of Guru Nanak’s life?

A. Death

Q. The politician in this video, seen alongside his wife, is a Member of Parliament from which constituency?

A. Ladakh

Arun answers the question incorrectly and takes home Rs 10,000.

Big B rolls out another fastest finger first question and  Dr Urmil Dhatarwal takes on the hot seat. She is a gynaecologist from the Hansi City of Haryana. She runs her own hospital known as Dhatarwal Hospital and has been into this profession for the past 31 years. She donates 20% of her business in charity as she likes helping people. She doesn’t charge any consultation fee from the poor people like rag pickles and raddi wala.

Q. Sendha and kaal are two types of food?

A. Salt

Q. In the 1975 film “Deewar, which of these does Vijay refuse to accept?

A. Phenke Hua Paise 

Q. How many events does the heptathlon consist of?

A. 7

Q. Which of these is not issued to a person suffering from severe colour blindness?

A. Driving Licence 

Q. Identify the yogasana from the picture?

A. Vriksh Asanas

Q. Who is the playback singer of this song? (song plays at the background)

A. Mohammad Rafi 

Q. Which Asian City will host the Summer Olympics in 2020?

A Tokyo 

She was the best athlete in her medical college and held a record in the Javelin throw. If not a doctor, she would have been a sportsperson as she has the champion at the college level.

Q. What was the capital of PEPSU, a new province formed out of eight princely kingdoms of eastern Punjab and a few adjoining areas, that existed from 1948 to 1956?

a. Patiala

Q. Which of these following is considered as the father of modern Hindi literature?

A. Bhartendu, Harishchandra

Q. Which British parliamentarian once disparaged Gandhiji as a “half-naked fakir”?

A. Winston Churchill

Q. In 2019, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank merged with which bank, thus creating India’s third-largest bank?

A. Bank of Baroda

She is very attached to her patients and at times, the patient’s pain even affects her. Therefore, to subsides their stress, she sings ‘sar jo tera chakraye, ya dil dooba jaye’ for her patients.

Q. Where was the first human heart transplant performed in 1967?
A. Cape Town

Q. Which of these women gave up her life with her three daughters to save trees being felled in the kingdom of Jodhpur in 1731?

A. Amrita Devi

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