Megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11 with rollover contestant Shailesh Bansal, who has so far won Rs 80,000. He further wishes his viewers ‘Happy Dussehra’. He is a chemical engineer from Haryana. He has completed B.Tech in Chemical engineering and Technology from IIT-Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He is also passionate about dance. His source of inspiration is his uncle Satyanarayan Bansal who has achieved success despite lack of resources.

Check out the toughest questions from tonight’s episode

Q. Chennai Spartans defeated Calicut Heroes in the final match to win the first edition of which sports league in 2019?

A.  Pro Volleyball League

He chooses his third lifeline ‘Flip the question’ and chooses the category ‘current and world affairs’.

Q. A term by the World Trade Organisation, what does MFN stand for?

A. Most Favoured Nation

He uses his last lifeline, asks the expert.

Q. Which of these US-made combat helicopters were inducted into the Indian Air Force in 2019?

A. Apache

Q. The day physicist Stephan Hawking passed away was the birth anniversary of which of these scientists?

A. Albert Einstein

Q. Who started his career as a music composer in films as Sharmaji of the duo ‘Sharmaji-Vermaji’? 

A. Khayyam 

Big B rolls out faster finger first question to all the contestants. The fastest to answer the question is Deepjyoti from Daltonganj, Jharkhand and she takes on the hot seat. She is an independent girl who is pursuing her B.Sc. in Zoology and also teaches the Abacus Tool in a school alongside. Currently, she is the only working member of her family. She aspires to become an IAS officer. After completing her graduation, she wishes to start preparing for the UPSC exams. Her mother’s bravery, strength, and support have always inspired her in life. Therefore, she wishes to buy a house for her.

Q. Completing this idiom being very talkative, “___ ki tarah chaku chalana”?

A. Kainchi

Q. In the TV cartoon series “Chhota Bheem” by eating what does Bheem get stronger?

A. Laddoo

Q. Which of these can refer to either a period of time or a score in cricket?

A. Century

Q. Which Premchand-story opens with the line, “Jaanwaron mein gadha sabza zyada buddhiheen samjha jaata hain”?

A. Do Bailon Ki Katha

Q. Which of these holds true for an obtuse angle?

A. More than 90 degrees, less than 180 degree

Her sister’s friend informed her about the vacancy of an Abacus teacher in a school. She personally did not like studying Math but was keen to learn something new hence, she undertook a training program for a month before taking up the job. On winning the prize money on KBC, she would first secure her education so that she can start coaching classes for giving the UPSC and then invests some amount for her sister’s wedding. She lost her brother and got the news from his friends. He went to a mela with his friends and got into a fight and lost his life. She lived in a boarding school from standard 6th to standard 10th that made her independent at a young age.

Q. According to Puranic beliefs, which of these characters wanted to kill his nephew after hearing a bodiless voice about his own death?

A. Kansa

Q. Which film is this? (clip plays at the background)

A. Raazi

Q. In October 2018, the ‘shahi litchi’ of which state got the geographical Indication (GI) tag?

A. Bihar

Q. The personality seen in this image is the promoter of which production house?

A. Balaji Telefilms

Q. Who did 19-year-old Bianca Andreecu defeat in the final to win the women’s singles title at 2019 US Open?

A. Serena Williams 

Q. In which language was the 2017 National Award-winning film “Village Rockstars” made?

A. Assamese

She flips the question and chooses the category ‘Science &Technology’.

Q. Which periodic table element is named after the country of Cyprus?

A. Copper

Q. Shishumar, Chakar, Arihant, Kalveri and Khanderi used by the Indian Armed Forces are all variants of which of these?

A. Submarines.

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