Rohit Shetty begins by calling Niya on to stand on the Finalists’ podium. Rohit Shetty explains them the task and Niya, being the finalist decided that Hina can do this stunt first. The winner of this stunt will join Niya as the second finalist. Hina tries her best but fails to remove all the stickers off the truck. Ravi and Monica are next. Ravi comes on and confesses he’s clueless on how to do this stunt. Ravi is very swift in removing the stickers. But when it came to the stickers which were out of his reach, it became very hard for him and his progress was stunted. Ravi worked hard to remove most of the stickers.

Ravi admitted that it took a lot of strength. Next up was Monica. Monica admits that she’s not the favourite to win this. Monica finds the task daunting at first but does her best. The task ends. Now on to calculate the flags. Hina has removed 21 flags. Monica, 28 flags, and Ravi wins by removing 32 flags, consequently becoming the next finalist. He then takes his place on the finalists’ podium with Niya. Hina and Monica as they get knocked out get their ‘Fear Phandas.’

Time for the next task. 2 Finalists confirmed and remaining are 5 players. Everyone who loses the task will be eliminated straight. The task is a dangerous one,  as the player has to drive through cars standing vertically, and not one car, but five. The order will be decided by Ravi and Niya. Anmol first and Ritwik second is the order decided (after a dance-off between the two). Monica gets sentimental and feels bad that she isn’t being given an automatic car, since she can’t drive manual cars. Ravi tries to console her.

On her chance, Anmol manages to do the task in one attempt and a straight drive. Next up is Ritwik. In a very rough fashion, Ritwik manages to get through with it as well. For results, Monica took 16 seconds, and Ritwik took 14 seconds. However, Ritwik failed to knock off one car, which means he has to go home. Monica joins Ravi and Niya on the finalists’ podium. Ravi went out of his way to say that he always thought Ritwik will win the show, further saddening the actor.

For the next task, Rohit explains how the players have to collect flags suspended on ropes that the contestants have to walk on to get the badge to be the last finalist. Ravi claims that Shantanu is his man to win it away. Monica gets to decide the next order. She decides Lopa, Hina, and Shantanu will be the order. On comes Lopa. Lopa finds it very hard to stay stable. After much struggle, Lopa fails to stay stable and has to drop to the ground. Next up is Hina. She did well to cover a good distance mumbling to herself throughout, but even she lost her balance and fell. But Hina does well still and managed to win the badge to the finalists’ podium. Next up is Shantanu. Shantanu’s methods are dodgy, as he sings Cheap Thrills to keep his cool. But he too eventually fails and drops to the ground. Shantanu was left very disappointed.

With the results, Rohit announces. Shantanu outperformed Lopa, which means Shantanu qualifies, and Lopa gets eliminated. The episode ends, with a trailer of Rohit Shetty’s upcoming film, Golmaal Again. The last finalists are Shantanu, Hina, Ravi, Niya, and Monica.