Khatron Ke Khiladi season 7 has kicked off on a rather exciting note. Host Arjun Kapoor dished out some really difficult tasks for the contestants. The contestants had to peel flags off a flying helicopter. Sana Sayed did really ell as she managed to hold onto the chopper. Sana could could remove 5 flags in 40 seconds. Parvathy Ommankuttan could take off 4 flags in over a minute but she lost her balance fell into the water. ALSO READ: Khatron Ke Khiladi 7: Arjun Kapoor the cool host makes contestants sweat with the stunts!

The second task demanded the contestants to put their hands into a plastic box where many snakes are kept. The contestants had touch the snakes kept in it and pick out a dummy or an artificial snake. Tina looked  bit apprehensive about the task but she could take the artificial snake out. The next task was Jhandd Ho Gayi where the contestants had to peel off flags off a plank. Vivaan, Himanshu and team could take off 4 flags but Jay Bhanushali and team could take off 6 flags in total.

The final task for the day involved Himanshoo and Vivaan. The latter got off to a good start as it was required of him to take flags off a plank as he moved across the plank on a moving vehicle and jump off it on a truck moving behind it. Himanshoo Malhottra is simply losing the battle. He looks unfit and incompetent when it comes to performing tasks. He is to be eliminated from the reality show. All in all, it seems Red Team walk away with all the brownie points! What say, folks?