koi dekh lega y-films

Love is said to be blind, innocent and hopeful at all times. These bookish definitions bring out the beautiful side of this feeling. When Y-Films came out with their new venture, Love Shots, we all had great expectations that the series will bring back the true feelings of pure love. The first short film, The Road Trip, managed to take us all by surprise and they are back with the second short film which captures the essence of true and pure love. Love Shots‘ second short film, titled Koi Dekh Lega, features Shweta Tripathi and Saqeeb Salem. The film captures a story which b has its own elements of surprise.

Based on normal day conversations between a couple who wait together at a bus stop, the story of Koi Dekh Lega takes us back to the cherished conversations that we all have had.

Shweta Tripathi, who has impressed us with her brilliant performance in Masaan, woos us all over again in this short film. Directed by Ankit Tiwari, the short film was written by Aparna Nadig and Ashish Patil. Saqeeb Salem shines in the role of a young man in love and full of dreams. The movie also captures the topic of lack of privacy that young couples face, especially in India.

Watch Koi Dekh Lega and feel refreshed and go back to your memories of love, in its most pure and innocent form.

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