London, Jul 19: Actress Kristen Stewart has revealed she finds it difficult to memorise her dialogues in an exact way it is there on a script. The 26-year-old “American Ultra” star said she quickly reads her dialogue and thinks it is always better to improvise rather sticking to the script, reported Femalefirst. (ALSO READ: Kristen Stewart doesn’t learn scripts)

“I never know my lines. Even in Woody Allen movies, I don’t know my lines. I learn them quickly if it’s necessary, but typically, I just think it’s better if I find it or say something slightly different,” Stewart said. Calling her role in Allen’s “Cafe Society” a hard one, the actress said, “On the Woody Allen movie, it was more difficult because I’m playing this girl who’s just the opposite of me — the most buoyant, lovely, little person — but once I found her, we could totally improvise within the rhetoric of his movies, which is crazy because he’s so particular.”

Admitting her habit could be troublesome, she said, “All I’m saying is, learning lines gets in my way, but conversely, if you don’t know them, you flounder. It’s a balance.”