In the 10 March episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw that Abhi was thinking how to share his feelings with Pragya. Pragya came and asked him to say whatever he wanted to say. She said she comes to know what is in his mind. Abhi asked her to find out herself. She said it would be nicer to hear it from Abhi’s mouth. Just then someone called Abhi and he went away.

Tanu watched Mitali as she went to do her work as instructed by Tanu. She said to Pragya that there was some problem in the kitchen and asked her to go and help in the kitchen. Tanu was happy Mitali had sent Pragya to the kitchen. Pragya went inside the kitchen and there was no one inside. Tanu followed her. Pragya called the grocery store to call for some stuff.  Dadi called her and she slipped on something. She tried to check what it was and just then dasi took her away. Tanu was relieved Pragya did not come to know that she had put diesel on the floor.

Dadi introduced Pragya to her friends. Tanu wondered when Pragya will come back to the kitchen. He called Mitali again and asked her to send Pragya to the kitchen again. She said she will not give her diamond jewellery if she does not send Pragya to the kitchen again. Mitali asked her not to mess with her and she will not do any other work with her. Mitali threatened her that if she did not give her the jewellery she will tell everyone what she had planned for Pragya. Tanu wondered how to send Pragya to the kitchen and then she saw her going there herself. Pragya was in the kitchen and Tanu locked the door from outside. Pragya tried to open the door but found it locked. Meanwhile Tanu splashed diesel on the kitchen walls and door. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 28 February 2017 written update, preview: Purab gets run over by a truck; Is this Tanu’s plan?)

Abhi’s meeting finished and the guests asked for Pragya. Abhi went to look for her. Abhi saw Alia and he asked her about Pragya. Alia asked Abhi to be with Tanu and not Pragya. Abhi said Tanu and Pragya were both not around. Alia felt if she had not sent Tanu to her room she would have been fighting with Pragya. Abhi went and Alia felt maybe Tanu and Pragya were fighting and she should go and check on Tanu.

Pragya realized she has forgotten her phone outside. She knocked the kitchen door thinking someone would hear and open the door. Pragya felt maybe Abhi was playing a prank and called his name and asked Abhi to open the door. Tanu was irritated that Pragya was still taking Abhi’s name. She blamed Pragya for provoking her to kill her and lighted a matchstick to burn Pragya. In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya we will see that Tanu tells Alia that she has locked Pragya in the kitchen and set it on fire.