In the 16 March episode of Kumkum Bhagya we see that Nikhil reached Abhi’s house and calls Tanu. Just then he sees Tanu and calls her. He says he is in problem because of Tanu. Just then dadi and dasi come there and Tanu and Nikhil hide from them. Dadi tells dasi Abhi is getting a surprise for them.

Tanu takes Nikhil to her room and asks her why he came home. He told Tanu that he is in trouble and tells her how the pan shop owner recognized him as the person who had tried to kill Purab. He says they can prove the pan shop owner wrong but if Purab recovers he will tell everyone the truth. Tanu says even she is trouble as Pragya doubts her for trying to burn her. Just then they hear a knock and Tanu goes to see.

Abhi brings Purab home. Everyone is happy to see him and Abhi says he has not yet recovered fully and so he is still unconscious. Abhi told everyone that doctor has said Purab is fine and will fully recover soon. Alia sees Purab and gets emotional but controls herself as the entire family is there. Abhi says they will together take care of Purab. Everyone is happy but Tanu gets tensed to see Purab and everyone. Abhi sees her and calls her. He asks her if she is not happy and she says she is happy. Abhi decides to make Purab stay in a room that is close to everyone elses room. Abhi decides to keep Purab in Alia’s room and Alia agrees happily. Tahu says she has a problem. She says she also lives with Alia in the same room. Tanu says so because Nikhil is in the room. Alia says she and Tanu will move to the guest room. Abhi goes with Purab and Pragya and Tanu is tensed as Nikhil is in the room. Alia asks her why she is making excuses and she tells her that Nikhil is in the room and so she should stop Abhi. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 14 March 2017 written update, full episode: Abhi and Pragya trapped in fire!)

Abhi goes towards Tanu and Alia’s room and just then Nikhil sees them coming. He quickly hides behind the curtain and then slips under the bed as Abhi and Pragya enter the room with Purab. Abhi and Pragya lay Purab on the bed and Nikhil hides under the bed hoping no one sees him. Abhi and Pragya become sad to see Purab and Abhi says he talked to the inspector but still there is no information about the person who tried to kill purab. He says only the pan shop owner recognizes the man who tried to kill Purab. He says once Purab gains consciousness he himself will tell who the person was. Pragya remembers that the fire brigade people told her someone purposely tried to burn her. She tells Abhi that the fire was not an accident but was purposely done. Abhi wonders how it is possible with so may people around. He asks Pragya if she doubts anyone and Pragya says she has no proof so she cannot say anything. Just then Tanu comes in and says she just came to see if Purab is settled. She wonders where is Nikhil. Abhi and Pragya put blanket on Purab and Pragya drops her phone. Tanu realizes Purab is under the bed and does not let Pragya pick the phone. She picks it up herself and Pragya wonders why she is being so kind. Abhi goes outside and Tanu tries to send Pragya outside too. She says dadi is calling her and sends her away so that Nikhil can escape. Nikhil comes out from under the bed but Pragya returns suddenly and he hides behind the door. Pragya says she will not leave till Abhi returns from the washroom. Nikhil gets a chance to escape and he runs out.