In the 17 March episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw that Tanu took Abhi outside the room with him. Pragya asked Robin not to leave Purab alone and said she will tell Janaki amma to come to take care of Purab as she is a trained nurse. Abhi went to talk to Pragya and Tanu heard them. Abhi thanked Pragya for whatever she had done for the family. He said she is not a part of the family but it felt like she is family and the house is incomplete without her. Tanu got irritated to hear this and went away. Tanu went to the guest room and thought Nikhil had gone but Nikhil was still there. He told Tanu that the police was looking for the person who tried to kill Purab and Pragya had also told Abhi that someone purposely tried to kill her. Nikhil said Purab is the cause of all their problems and once he is all right both of them will be in danger. He said they should kill him before he comes back to consciousness. Tanu said this might be dangerous if Abhi came to know but Nikhil said it is very important. Tanu suggested they should plan well before killing Purab but Nikhil said they cannot waste time in making plans. Tanu suggests Nikhil can come on Holi with colors on his face. He can then kill Purab and go back and no one will recognize him. Nikhil decided he will kill Purab on Holi and Tanu said this will be a lesson for everyone who tries to bring Abhi and Pragya together.

Mitali played Holi with her mother-in-law. Dadi and dasi also came out on the ground to play Holi and Robin was also there. Dadi asked Robin to make sure not to mix bhang thandai with plain thandai. Alia and Tanu also came on the ground but did not want to play. Alia says she had come to drink bhang and Tanu said she will not like to play Holi as Purab was not there. Alia asked her to think about her marriage and call Abhi on the ground. Alia scolded the kids for trying to color her. Dasi heard her and hit her with a water balloon and colored her face. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 16 March 2017 written update, preview: Pragya tells Abhi that someone wants to kill her!)

Abhi was in his room playing his guitar. He felt sad that Purab was not there to play Holi with him. Tanu came and wished him Happy Holi but he shouted and Tanu dropped the colors on the floor. Abhi said he did not want to play Holi as Purab was not there with him. He said if anyone will play Holi with him he will break all ties with him. He told Tanu to tell everyone at home not to play Holi with him.

Tane went out looking for Alia who was fully covered with colours. Tanu said she is angry because Abhi did not let her put color on him and scolded her also. Alia heared what Tanu said about Abhi that he will throw the person out of his house who tried to put color on him. Just then Pragya came and Alia made a plan. She gwent near Pragya and said to Tanu that she should not play with Abhi if he does not want to play. Pragya felt maybe Abhi is said and instead of cheering him Tanu has left him alone. She decided to cheer Abhi and went to play Holi with him. She remembered last years Holi and went inside to Abhi. Tanu and Alia were happy that Pragya will now be thrown out of the house by Abhi. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 15 March 2017 written update, preview: Abhi and Pragya come closer; will they proclaim their love?)

Abhi was in his room and Pragya put color on him. He got angry at Pragya for putting color on him. Pragya said he had said no one will put color on him and if anyone did this he would break all ties with him. Pragya said she thought he was sad so she came. Abhi said he is sad because his best friend cannot play Holi with him this year but Pragya did not come to cheer him but to tease him on is situation. In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya we will see that Abhi gets angry at Pragya and asks her to leave the house!