In today’s episode, Aliya keeps looking Nikhil in King’s office and keeps on asking King about the person went out from his cabin. She enquires him about it but King pretends that he doesn’t know anything about it. She doubts on King for kidnapping Kiara. On the other hand, Shanky drops Abhi on an isolated area. He asks Abhi to go himself further giving some fake reason. As Abhi gets down from the car, he informs Nikhil about Kiara’s location. Nikhil asks him to stay there as he is coming.

King calls Aliya mad as she blames him for Kiara’s kidnapping and says to shut his mouth. He makes her understand that Pragya and Kiara was his family and he can go to any limit to find Kiara. He is sad that he cannot meet Kiara as he has always seen her as a daughter. After listening to this, Aliya apologizes to King.

King hugs Aliya as he is very much hurt. She asks him to handle himself and leaves from there. King decides to get back Pragya and Kiara at any cost. King is playing with Aliya’s mind as all that he did in front of her was a drama.

Kiara and Pragya are near to each other but there is a locked door. Shetty tries to open the door. Purab and Disha meet Abhi. They head over to Kiara’s location. Finally, Pragya and Kiara meet but Nikhil and Shanky reach there and take Kiara with them.

Shetty fights with Nikhil but other goons keep Pragya and Kiara on gunpoint. They separate Kiara and Pragya, beat up Shetty and ask for money. Nikhil tells Pragya that she should’ve just got the cash as discussed but she made a deal with Shetty instead.

Goons drag Kiara and Pragya runs behind them to stop but Nikhil pushes her on a fake pillar and Pragya loses her balance. She falls down along with bamboo sticks that fall right on her body. With that, she loses her consciousness.

Abhi on the other side tries to finish the fights between the people who are blocking the road. Nikhil now brings Kiara back on the earlier location.

He threatens Kiara for not trying to escape from there. He also warns Rocky and Shanky for not trying to double cross him. Pragya and Abhi make plans to find out Kiara. Abhi makes her understand that they should look for Kiara as she is their daughter. Abhi wants Shetty to become conscious so that they can come to know about Kiara’s location. Pragya wants to know the kidnapper but Abhi doesn’t want her to know about Nikhil.