It’s been just a week that actor Charlie Sheen declared he was HIV positive, and a new sex video has reportedly been leaked with the Two and a Half Men star in it. And this time, the leaked sex tape does not show Charlie Sheen having sex with his female pornstar companions, but with a man! Yes, Hollywood media is abuzz with fresh reports of this Charlie Sheen video showing him performing oral sex on a male companion. OMG! Does that mean Charlie Sheen is gay or bisexual? Is he gonna come out and reveal something more to us now?

We are not sure of that, but from reports we can gather that Charlie’s sex act with this man was in the same year when he tested HIV positive – that is in 2011. The man in question, whether Charlie’s one-night lover or a regular partner, also apparently accused Charlie of giving him the sexually transmitted disease of Herpes.

In the video, Charlie is also reportedly seen smoking crack while in the act with the man. The wild partying and sex life of this once loved Hollywood actor is as colourful and controversial as of his character in hit television series Two and a Half Men.

Wonder how many more skeletons will come out of his closet! We also wonder where Charlie Sheen’s career is headed after these revelations. Or is that he is coming out with a new series or movie, and so leaked the sex tape for publicity? What do you think? Whatever it is, this revelation has shocked even the most hardcore of Charlie Sheen fans!