Do you remember the famous or rather infamous My Choice video by Vogue Empower, featuring Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone? Where she defended women indulging in adultery saying it was their ‘choice’? She may have drawn a lot of flak over the statement back then, but it looks like Deepika has turned out to be quite an inspiration for ladies in India when it comes to infidelity. If this fact is too difficult to digest then you must take a glance over the analysis of data revealed by the hackers of Ashley Madison, a popular cheating and infidelity website. Also Read: Cheating website Ashley Madison faces lawsuits of USD 578 million.

The news of Ashley Madison being hacked and the data being revealed – much to the horror of users – is a thing of past. But what is really an exciting piece of news is the development over the users’ category, based on demographics, class and other parameters. Like the millions of users from several countries, the users of Ashley Madison from India had also not remained unaffected by the hacking.

But the surprising element is this – the number of Indian women having registered on this adultery website are more than the men! A completely opposite situation from some of the other countries as far as Ashley Madison is concerned. 

Ashley Madison, a perfect place to seek extramarital affairs, was hacked in July 2015 and details of its users were released by the hackers in August. It obviously resulted in compromising the privacy of around 36 million users and their data! A lot of them belonged to India, unsurprisingly.

But what caught everyone’s attention is the number of Indian women registered on the website compared to the male members from the country. The data has been mapped by Spanish digital agency Tecnilógica for the location and gender of Ashley Madison users. It clearly highlighted India being one of the few nations where the female membership was more than the male.

Ashley Madison User Map

Almost in every country in the world, more than 85% of users are men in each of the dots on the map, but not in India. The red dots denoting males are less than 85% in India, which clearly states that the Indian women are indulging more in the website that promotes adultery and extramarital liaisons.

They have clearly made a choice, something our sexy diva Deepika Padukone has been fighting for in the name of women’s empowerment! What do you think? Edited by Shweta Parande.