Remember how Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi’s fight had become a spectacle to watch for everyone, when the former made barrage of threatening calls to Vivek. Back then Salman had only broken up with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vivek was slowly and steadily becoming Ash’s very close friend. It was only natural of bhai to lost his cool and threaten Vivek by making incessant phone calls. What happened after only widen the schism between Vivek and Salman. ALSO READ: OMG! Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are coming together? Is it for a film?

The very next day Vivek called a press conference to narrate the whole saga to the media. That bitter episode has not gone down well with Salu miyyan and in spite of many requests (haven’t we seen Vivek folding his hands to request apology in a sweet gesture to bhai at an award ceremony, much to Salman’s complete apathy?) ALSO READ: Sultan poster: Aarfa aka Anushka Sharma’s fierce avatar is impressive!

Industry insiders believe that it was Sallu who butchered Vivek’s budding career by influencing people (read producers, directors et al). Claerly, Vivek is still deeply wounded and neither is Salu miyaan willing to budge. Vivek therefore has decided to keep mum on the topic. The Saathiya star’s lips are always sealed when questions are posed on this itchy topic.  At the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) Awards’ launch when Vivek was asked a question on Salman Khan, the Oberoi lad decided to walk away with a polite smile on his face! WATCH VIDEO HERE!

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Looks like finally someone has come to learn what diplomacy is all about, right? We wish he had employed some patience before summoning a press conference to tell-it-all! It indeed is the classic case of too little too late, hai na?