Sanjay Dutt having served his sentence, is now with his wife and kids and intends to spend most of his time with his family now that he is out and about. Since he’s out, the actor has also begun work in full swing and has already had his comeback film Bhoomi directed by Omung Kumar in September. Recently during an interaction with the HT Brunch, the actor spoke at length about his past and his family.

Sanjay said, “The case dragged on for 23 long years. It bogged me down. But I was really lucky that when I started my jail term, the twins were about two years old and they don’t have any memory of it. And I am glad that I came out just when they were becoming aware of their surroundings. Now I am always there for them, always around.”

While Maanayata said, “Even before he went to jail, he would be out on the shoot and the kids were never really used to seeing him at home all the time. Still seeing Sanjay with the kids now, I am realising that I could not have filled the void his absence created. When we were planning for our Italy trip. The way he interacted with the kids, the way the kids bargained for pocket money with him, suddenly made me acutely aware of how important he is to them. After they left, I told him I never expected him to be this good at being a dad!”

Maanayata also added that the twins don’t know that Sanjay was jailed: “They are still too young to understand what happened. Shahraan’s dad is his hero, his role model, he idolises him. I worry about two things. First, it could be too much of a shock for him; he might not be able to justify what had happened or understand why it happened. Second, he might start thinking whatever his dad did back then was cool. We don’t want either to happen. They should know that their father was wrong and he has paid a heavy price for that. Not many people would have the courage to own up to what they had done and face the consequences. I want them to understand how it happened, why it happened, and how Sanju took it in his stride. But they are still too young for all that and we don’t want to burden their childhood.”