Raveena Tandon is all set for her comeback film Maatr. The trailer is an eye opener. It shows the strenuous fact of our Indian society where rape is still NOT considered a serious crime. We met Raveena and spoke length to her about the film and after that we played a famous Never Have I Ever game with the lady and she was bang on. We quizzed the actress if she has ever been jealous with the success of her contemporaries, to which she confessed that she has always been secured in what she has done and has never worried about the competition. Raveena has not even gate crashed the party and she even revealed that she doesn’t attend her parties as well because she not a social person. The mast mast girl prefers to stay with family and her kids rather than party. Fare enough!(ALSO READ:Raveena Tandon wants to work with ex lover Akshay Kumar all over again- Watch EXCLUSIVE interview)

Now comes the shocking part, we quizzed her if she has ever had food without brushing, Raveena negated and said she is a very hygienic person and has never done that in life. But with that she revealed, she hates shaking hands with people. SHOCKER right?

Now that’s the routine gesture to shake hands with people you meet, but Raveena hates it and justifies it by saying, “  I hate shaking hands with people, because you meet different kind of people and they have sweat in their hands and you don’t know where all they put their hands before they are shaking hands with you. So I carry the sanitizer where I keep cleaning it. Anyone who comes for shake hand with me, I do Namaste, because you know you could be having bacteria or even I could be having sweaty hands and I don’t want people shaking my sweaty hands. Namaste is the best thing in the whole world.”

So next time you meet Raveena, you know what to do. Right?