‘Maatr’ starring Raveena Tandon as Vidya Chauhan is releasing today (April 21). The film where it was shot (Delhi) is referred as the rape capital and this movie is a wake-up call, showing the heinous crimes against women. The film directed by Ashtar Sayed and penned down by Michael Pellico is a revenge drama and it has received mixed response from critics for such concept in Hindi cinema. Read here what the critics from the industry have said about ‘Maatr’ and you could decide whether you should watch this film or not.

Deccan Chronicle: The interesting part of the film is that the plot of the film is nothing extraordinary but it is the great performances, gripping subject line and apt execution that makes ‘Maatr’ a must watch. The film may remind you of Raveena’s earlier films ‘Jaago’ and ‘Daman’ in bits and pieces considering the subject but ‘Maatr’ is a very modern age film.

Hindustan Times: Barring some emotionally charged scenes featuring Raveena, ‘Maatr’ appears repetitive; we have seen this story several times before. While Sayed banks on Raveena to completely shock his audience, he fails to back her up with a good screenplay. More than a woman on a mission, Raveena appears like the female version of Sunil Shetty from Mohra, with less swag at that. (ALSO READ: Maatr movie review: Raveena Tandon’s comeback film is watchable thanks to her hard-hitting performance)

Times of India: The film’s sole intention is to serve as a wake-up call for the atrocities against women. So you applaud the intention. However, the film itself is over-dramatized account of the heinous crime and what follows.

The Economic Times: With a taut plot that seems straight from a novella, the writing by Michael Pellico is extremely vivid, far-fetched and full of overwrought melodrama. But with well-defining characters delivering gripping performances and right amount of action and drama, Director Ashtar Sayed succeeds in making the tale engrossing. (ALSO READ: Raveena Tandon on CBFC ban on Maatr: How long will we run away from the truth?)

‘Maatr’ also features Divya Jagdale, Madhur Mittal and Alisha Khan in key roles. Keep watching this space for the box office updates of this film.