Melbourne, Dec. 24: Madonna’s son will have to spend his Christmas with his mom even if he doesn’t want to.

When the 57-year-old songstress’ son disobeyed her demand to board a plane from London, where he was staying with his filmmaker dad Guy Ritchie, she ran to a court on December 23 to force his return to New York, reports to sources, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan ordered Rocco Ritchieto come home, but his lawyer made it clear that he would not voluntarily return to the US. In the court, Rocco said that he is tired of travelling with his mother and doesn’t want to live with her. Commenting on the same, the Manhattan judge said Rocco will have a court-appointed lawyer in the New York custody case, where the teen could tell the judge whether he wants to live with mum or dad. But first, he must come to New York. (ALSO READ: Madonna defends herself after abusing concertgoers)