A French court has asked Mallika Sherawat and husband Cyrille Auxenfans to evict their Paris flat as the couple failed to pay 78,787 euros ($94,000) as rent according to reports by AFP. The couple was living in the high-end flat since January 1, 2017 and agreed to pay a monthly rent of 6,054 euros. But according to the owner of the above-mentioned property, the couple never paid any rent. So far Mallika and Cyrille have only made a single payment of 2,715 euros.

Last month, the couple’s lawyer had stated that the two were going through a financial crisis which is why the loan was outstanding. The lawyer also claimed that this was because the Murder actress’s irregular work was a major reason for the situation. The flat owner dismissed this claim by the Mallika and Cyrille’s lawyer and stated that the Indian actress earned tens of millions during the said rental period. Though AFP got in touch the actress and her French husband, they did not receive any communication on this matter. (ALSO READ: Mallika Sherawat attacked in Paris: Bollywood actress tear-gassed, beaten up in hotel! )

When the stories of Mallika Sherawat being asked to vacate her apartment first began in December, the actress denied it in a tweet and wrote, “It’s absolutely not true, if someone has donated one to me, please send me the address.”