London, April 4: Actor Martin Freeman, who loves clothes and shoes, says that he likes people who have an affinity for good clothes and immediately tends to trust them.  “I like people who like clothes. I immediately trust men who are into clothes, even though they could turn out to be horrible people. There is an intelligence about caring about what you wear,” The Times newspaper’s Luxx menswear supplement quoted Freeman as saying, reports ALSO READ: Helen Mirren practices pomegranate farming

“I was always into fashion and, as I’ve got older, it’s got worse. I know there are more important things in the world. Outside my normal life, aside from music, it’s where most of my energy goes. I’m not very proud of that. Some people’s energy goes on saving Syrian refugees. Mine goes on shoes,” he added.  The 44-year-old actor described his fashion addiction as a “sickness”, and shared that it infuriates his partner of 16 years, Amanda Abbington.  “I can’t leave the house unless I’m happy with my appearance. It’s a sickness. It’s a nightmare for Amanda,” he said.

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