meet bros party animals

They may have taken the nation by storm with their Bollywood hits like Baby Doll – the song from Ragini MMS 2 that made Sunny Leone a household name – and Chittiyan Kalaiyaan from Roy that made Jacqueline Fernandez a rage, but the first non-film single of the Meet Bros is nothing close! Meet Bros, comprising siblings Harmeet and Manmeet, disappoint us in their single Party Animals. Singer Poonam Kay joins in Meet Bros for Party Animals and the song features the hot Kyra Dutt. Here’s our take on the song Party Animals by Meet Bros.

Not so long ago, eminent columnist Shobhaa De had written about how the Meet Bros made a sexist comment that they have shared everything except underwear – even girlfriends! And sadly, that is exactly what the brothers are talking about in the song Party Animals. Of making out with the scantily clad women ‘together’, and they actually make that action. EWW! Where are the censors now?

Plus, in the music video of Party Animals choreographed by Bollywood’s Bosco Martis, there is the usual male fantasy of loads of ‘available-looking’ women everywhere and the Meet Brothers repeatedly going after exposed butts! The lyrics by Kumaar also suggest that ‘Bums hilake...shake it, shake it.’

This will surely make our indigenous rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh look like a saint! He has been in a controversy or two about her suggestive or sexist lyrics, just like American rappers, and his music videos with semi-naked women. What the Meet Bros are doing is nothing different – in fact, it’s more shocking. Take a look at Party Animals and you shall agree!

How do you like it?