Miley Cyrus is unstoppable. When it comes to the young pop star you can also expect the unexpected. Miley is known to be a free spirit; she is never shy and has done a series of highly controversial and weird antics in the past. So what is it that the pop star did that has us shocked this time? Well the actress has something for all her fans. She has shared with her fans a video of nipple piercing!

Well, till now Miley has some 41 tattoos and a couple of piercing, we believe she has not yet pierced her nipples or else we would know since she never shies away from posing nude. She shared a DIY nipple piercing video on her Instagram, using a prosthetic breast. She shared the video online and captioned it “Pierce dat bitch”. She seems very much excited about the video, which might be a hint about the next piercing that the young star is going to flaunt soon.

Pierce dat bitch

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It seems that after getting engaged to Liam Hemsworth, Miley is on a roll! Considering the fact that the singer is a huge supporter of Free The Nipple campaign, we are looking forward to what the singer is up to. Check out the video of the huge drill used by Miley’s friend to get the piercing done. What so you think about this is it sexy or way too painful looking?