Mithoon Sharma wants to make soulful music, not just chartbusters

New Delhi, Sep 2 : Musician Mithoon, who has given back-to-back hits in ‘Aashiqui 2‘ and ‘Ek Villain‘, says he wants to focus on creating soulful tracks without bothering about any hype or trend. The 29-year-old artiste made his music debut in Bollywood with 2006 film ‘Bas Ek Pal’ and gave hits like ‘Anwar’, ‘Murder 2’ and ‘Aashiqui 2’ last year.

“It’s nice that my songs have been hit but I don’t hype my success. I don’t intend to create history or top the music charts. I don’t look at it that way and try to keep things as non-glamorous as I can. I keep it in mind while writing a song to come up with music people can connect with. “In fact, as a film music director, I only aim at conveying the story through my music. That’s the approach I have while making music and not that I have to make the biggest song ever,” Mithoon told PTI in an interview.

The singer-composer feels the reason for his success is that he avoids getting influenced by music trends, which he feels take away the creativity from work. Mithoon makes sure his songs have a place in the film as he thinks they will touch people’s hearts only if they make sense.

“For me it is very important my songs contribute to the film’s story. I try not doing music for the heck of it. I first ask for a brief from the director, only if I am convinced then I agree to work on it,” he said. When asked if he feels nervous with people’s expectations from him, after the success of the romantic number, Mithoon, who is now set to give music in Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Roy’ and Onir’s ‘Shab’, said he tries not to repeat himself as a musician.

“People keep asking me to make songs like ‘Tum hi ho’ but I try not to bring that song in any of my composition. Once a song is released, it is a closed chapter for me and same was with this one,” the singer-composer said. His fans may consider ‘Tum hi ho’ as his best till date but Mithoon finds ‘Tose naina lage re’ from ‘Anwar’ special as it gave him more creative satisfaction. “External factors like market requirements, trends don’t influence my music. I don’t listen to my songs once they are released. I don’t listen to songs on TV or radio to keep distractions at bay,” he said.

“People generally look at title tracks with a lot of flair but I look at it like any other track. When Mohit Suri came to me for the title track of ‘Aashiqui 2’ I tried to keep it simple. The song ‘Tum hi ho’ does not have much except sincere lyrics and a single melody,” said the music director, who has worked on the upcoming Bipasha Basu-starrer ‘Creature 3D‘.

Mithoon revealed that he initially felt clueless about giving music in the horror film.”My first reaction was what music I will make for a horror film? How can I contribute in a movie like this but then the director told me that I need to give music for the love story between the two characters so I followed it and things became simple,” he said.