Arshi Khan strips

Indian model Arshi Khan has been in the news lately for revealing that she had an affair with Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi, and that he had fathered her child. Afridi, a married man with four daughters, has obviously denied the charges. There was apparently even a ‘fatwa’ issued against Arshi Khan for her controversial claim. But Afridi is now under another controversy after losing the India vs Pakistan match in the World T20 series match at Eden Gardens, Kolkata on March 19. Afridi will apparently be sacked by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Afridi’s loss aside, Arshi Khan continues to pursue him. An explicit video has gone viral, allegedly shared by Arshi, where she strips happily for her so-called boyfriend Afridi. What’s more, Arshi has ‘gifted’ her striptease video to the Indian cricket team as well. Arshi dedicates the video to India’s victory over Pakistan, but her heart is still pining for Afridi! She had even said before the India vs Pakistan World T20 match that she will strip entirely if her alleged boyfriend where to hit a century. (Century in T20?)

“My Topless Strip Tease Music Video BOOM BOOM for Shahid Afridi & India win Almost Nu’de,” Arshi is believed to have said on her Facebook page, although we couldn’t find it. (ALSO SEE: India vs Pakistan T20 match: Amitabh Bachchan sang national anthem incorrectly, alleges filmmaker)

Take a look at the video here of Shahid Afridi’s alleged girlfriend Arshi Khan stripping for the camera! (Viewer discretion is advised)