We are not really sure how women react to the sight of a sweaty guy! Now the answer to that one depends on who is breaking into sweat and how hot the dude is. While brawn and muscular bod and the way this combination may sweep women off their feet is a topic of serious discussion but here’s perhaps the only guy who can make sweaty look so sexy! Yes, we are talking about none other than the Greek God himself, Hrithik Roshan! ALSO READ: Mohenjo Daro poster: Check out the magnificent action poster featuring Sarman aka Hrithik Roshan

Remember how Hrithik had flexed his hot muscular bod while he was busy brandishing his sword skills in that unforgettable scene in Jodha Akbar! It certainly made many a women go weak in the knees. Hrithik’s co-star from Mohenjo Daro has vivid memories about that epic scene. Pooja Hegde shares, “I remember watching Jodhaa Akbar in the theatre and the scene when Hrithik is with his sword and a drop of sweat falls from him, I was literally fanning myself. According to me, Hrithik Roshan is the only guy who can make sweat look so sexy.” ALSO READ: Don’t judge “Mohenjo Daro” with its trailer, says Ashutosh Gowariker

Well, going by what we have seen from Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro we can say that the Roshan dude is looking equally scorching in this one too! His perfectly chiseled body looks sexier when the man break into a sweat. We are not particularly sure if Hrithik uses natural…err err secretions to make his body glisten to sensational effect or does he resort to body lotions coupled with the much deserved body tan to project himself as the ultimate sex machine! What do you think ladies? But the man definitely has it in him to look sexy even when he is all…dare we say wet!