Movies have been a great form of escapism but recently, there haven’t been films that let you forget the mundane realities of your life. These days, filmmakers have started making films on subjects that drive home a point. While there are a few who opt not to and then they end up making sagas that fail to entertain.  Whenever Anees Bazmee makes a film, the audience knows, for the timespan of the film, he will take you away from all the stress that’s happening around. In the past, Bazmee has given us Welcome, Singh Is Kinng and Ready which have managed to make us feel lighter thanks to the comic elements in these films.

The filmmaker has returned this time with another promising offering in the form of Mubarakan which stars Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Athiya Shetty, Neha Sharma, Ratna Pathak Shah, Pavan Malhotra, Rahul Dev and Karan Kundra. Does it manage to entertain? Read our review to find out!

What’s It About:
A personal tragedy forces twins Karan and Charan (Arjun Kapoor) to part from each other as kids. While Karan is raised in London by his aunt-turned-foster mother (Ratna Pathak Shah), the other twin Charan is brought up in Punjab by his uncle-turned-foster-father (Pavan Malhotra). Both Charan and Karan are extremely close to their other uncle – chacha Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor). No wonder then, they reach out to him to sort out all the confusion around their love life.

Charan is in a relationship with Nafisa Qureshi (Neha Sharma) but the family wants him to marry Mr. Sandhu’s (Rahul Dev) daughter Binkle (Athiya Shetty). However, Charan and Kartar Singh come up with a plan to make this alliance impossible. With this rishta not happening, they find another bride for Charan, this time it is Sweety (Ileana D’Cruz), who has been dating Karan since the past two years. Will the couples be able to talk to their parents and solve this confusion between all involved? Will their ‘genius’ chacha Kartar Singh be able to save the day and their relationships for them?

What’s Hot?
Controversies and Confusion – What is a typical Indian Wedding without these? Incomplete! Thankfully, Mubarakan gets these basic elements right in the story that is weaved around family dynamics we can all relate to. We all have that typical dominating big sister in the family who loves to call the shots and that over-sentimental uncle who is just on the lookout for reasons to take offence to and brood over. Shaadi is all about making new rishtas… but this is also a time when a lot of existing rishtas are put through a test. Mubarakan takes us through that journey in a typical shaadi-wala ghar. The dialogues are funny and their relatability makes them all the more entertaining. You will find a smile plastered on your face for most part of the film.

The film also has its casting in place. Anil Kapoor is at his best and his comic timing is impeccable. He makes you laugh even in some of the most banal of gags. His smile is infectious and as Kartar Singh, he is actually the shaan and jaan of the film.

Karan from London and Charan from Punjab (Arjun Kapoor) are both charming and you won’t be able to pick a favourite between the two. There is something about this actor, he is so endearing that it is hard to not like him. While performance wise Arjun executed both the roles with equal dedication, look wise, I liked the turban sporting sardar Charan better between the twins.

Pavan Malhotra and Ratna Pathak Shah are perfect as Kartar Singh’s elder siblings and they portray the human emotions beautifully. Rahul Dev and Karan Singh Kundra are decent in their parts.

Talking about the girls, Ileana D’Cruz steals the show. She looks gorgeous and has got the Punjabi kudi accent right.
Neha Sharma is good too in her parts. Athiya Shetty looks stunning but there’s a lot of scope to improve when it comes to acting. (ALSO READ: The Kapil Sharma Show: Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz And Anil Kapoor Have A Crazy Riot)

Music in an integral part of the film, after all, shaadi ho rahi hai bhai! While not many songs will stay back with you after the film is over, they all are well shot, well placed in the narrative and none of the songs seem like a pain to the ear. Hawa Hawa, which is a reprised version (yes, yet another one this year) is one of the better remixes of an old hit numbers we have seen in 2017.

What’s Not?
There’s an overdose of Punjabi culture and dialogues in the first few minutes of the film which might exasperate you. But what will really infuriate you is the way the Punjabi characters are required to do everything loudly! They talk and laugh in an almost deafening tone in some parts! The narrative is annoyingly jumpy at some points, not giving you enough time to completely enjoy a good scene. The frame shifts to the next scene before you are even done with your quota of laughing on a pun-packed punch or a funny line.

What To Do?
Till India as an audience does not get comfortable with the idea of watching a film like Lipstick Under My Burkha with the whole family, let’s be thankful that we have a Mubarakan. The film has great potential to appeal to family audience (in fact the first family entertainer of Bollywood in 2017). So gang up and go watch!

Verdict rating: 3.5 stars

Watch the official trailer of Mubarakan here:

Mubarakan starring Arjun Kapoor, Athiya Shetty, Ileana D’Cruz and Anil Kapoor releases in theatres on July 28.