Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, self claimed messenger of Goa, saint and preacher of Love Charger fame has launched a movie trailer of MSG: The Messenger of God. The poster of the film has the kickass saint riding an orange Harley Davidson Heritage Classic motorcycle as he dons a sleeveless leather jacket and matching leather three fourth pants that have been bedazzled with sequins. And one more thing, his motorcycle is on fire, literally. Here’s the Love Charger video from the album Highway Love Charger to show what a rock star this man really is.

The trailer has the saint, the head of the Dera Sacha Sauda, take on goons single handedly and break through igloos after, presumably, being woken up from his tapasya as he is the ‘messenger of God’. He says that some call him Guru while others call him bhagwaan but he is just one insan. He is seen having stadium full of people ready to take the leap of faith at one order from their leader.

There is a plot to kill the Godman and rid the world of his just practices. He states that killing him is equal to killing yourself. There are lots of stunts ranging using heavily modified motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, his Harley Davidson Heritage Classic which sends sparks as he accelerates quickly and a pink Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Machismo and to keep the balance of power, he also rides a Segway PT before punching a cut bark of a tree to split it into several pieces of timber. He plays rugby, sends entire teams flying through the air in one tackle and one panja on the hood of a car sends it soaring over his head. Here’s the trailer of MSG: The Messenger of God.