Today in MTV Roadies Rising fate of Rahul and Waseer were to be decided. They got voted out in the last vote out and were supposed to fight each other to prove their worth. Gaylen explained today’s task and said that today’s task would be performed in three stages. In first stage they will need to throw three spears to a maximum distance. From the place where the spears will land, they will get into stage two where they will need to roll two giant tyres and take them to a point marked on the land. From there they will pull those tyres apart and get one of them back to the starting point.

Rahul went first and his spear throws were brilliant. The tyres were very heavy and he was exhausted midway of the task. Nikhil kept inspiring Rahul at each and every step he took. Waseer went next and he used each and every ounce of energy he had. Waseer performed his task in 3:35 minutes and Rahul did it in 4:37 minutes. Waseer  outperformed Rahul and was back in the game. Everyone bid goodbye to Rahul with a heavy heart. All the Roadies celebrated Waseer’s comeback.

It was time for one more task and Gaylen met everyone to introduce them to their task so close to the finale. She told the gang leaders that they should choose the one gang member from their respective gangs who they see in the finale. The winner of today’s task will directly go to the semi finale and his team will win full immunity. The winner will also be the ruler of camp Patiala.

Kabaddi players Rahul Chaudhry and Ajay Thakur came to be with the Roadies and guide them for the task. The task was announced and it was a mini kabaddi game. Nikhil chose Khushnuma and Prince chose Meenal. Neha chose Mandeep and Rannvijay chose Veerpal to play. A training was given to the Roadies by the experts Rahul Chaudhry and Ajay Thakur. As the task started, Meenal raided and the rest of the Roadies defended. Meenal scored her first two point. Her first two raids were successful but she got caught in the third one. Overall she scored in three out of five raids.  (Also Read: MTV Roadies Rising 24 June 2017: Harbhajan Singh once again bowls a googly and pisses off the gang leaders!)

Khushnuma went next and was playing very defensive. Out of five she got two successful raids. Veerpal didn’t get a single successful raid. It was Mandeep’s turn and Samar and Mandeep planned to support each other while playing against.

Mandeep fought hard and managed to score all the three raids. He won the task and the immunity as well. He became the first Roadie to be in the semi finale and the ruler of the Camp Patiala. (ALSO READ: MTV Roadies Rising 25 June 2017: Prince loses his strong gang member; only one Roadie is left for him)