Today in MTV Roadies Rising, it was time for a new task in Patiala. Guys and girls were to pair up to perform. It became a hassle for the Roadies to pair up as the gang leaders interfered and started a debate. Samar was injured in the last task and his performance was debatable because he could endanger his partner too. Shweta was asked not to pair up with him because her dreams of winning Roadies will be shattered if she looses with Samar. Neha tried to convince him that he will ruin Shweta’s performance too but Samar stood his ground.

The task started and Samyukta paired up with Priyank, Shiv paired up with Meenal and Shweta paired up with Samar. They were all made to sit on a grid hanging in the air and they were supposed to plant their flags on as many points as possible. Priyank was performing brilliantly as usual. They were planting their flags and were removing the flags of their competitors. Meenal waited till the last one minute to plant her flags and it was just green whih was visible at the end.

Shiv and Meenal won the task. Samyukta cried because she performed well and lost because of poor strategy. Shiv and Meenal won a ticket to semi finale. Priyank and Samyukta were last as there were just three red flags on the grid. They left the show with a heavy heart. Nikhil’s gang was finished as his last players were kicked out today.

The vote out struck once again and it was time for the Roadies to select the fifth and the final semi finalist. Out of Samar and Shweta, they were to decide who to kick out. It was an open vote out and the roadies voted out Samar. All of them thought that Shweta was more deserving than Samar. (ALSO READ: MTV Roadies Rising 8 July 2017: Baseer Becomes The Second Semi Finalist After Mandeep)

As a twist to the game Gaylen brought back Priyank and Samyukta to join the Roadies along with Samar once again. She said the one amongst these three will get one more chance. The decision went to the hands of all the ex roadies of this season. We will know next week, who became the sixth semi finalist of MTV Roadies Rising.