Today in MTV Roadies Rising,  the two voted out contestants fought each other. Shweta and Jagruti fought a political campaign. The voters were the villagers and they were to make alliances with the other contestants to serve the villagers. The task today was fun to watch as the villagers decided the tasks and they didn’t hesitate from giving the filthiest of jobs to the Roadies.

As the task started the contestants started to entertain the villagers. But soon the villagers started to show their true colors. They asked the contestants to sweep the floor, make dung cakes, give them foot massages and lots more. Giving new hairstyles to the villagers made them feel super special. (Also Read: MTV Roadies Rising: Prince’s gang gets accused of tipsy attitude; Gang Leaders fail to lead)

After doing everything in their power, the contestants didn’t refrain from shouting slogans to support their their favorite Roadie. The villagers changed their views so often that no on was sure that they pleased anyone. Jagruti got lost in the village and found herself in the campaign of her opponent. She made a fool of herself and the Roadies who were supporting her got furious.

After the task, the villagers were gathered together to cast their vote. Jagruti became the target of everyone’s fury as she didn’t even join her own political campaign. Yellow gang which was supporting Shweta got 146 votes. Green box, Jagruti’s box had only 34 votes. It was the best feeling for Gang Neha as they saved their Roadie Shweta and became the ruling gang.

For the next task Harbhajan Singh was called to the task location. Along with him the voted out contestants also came to add a dash of thrill. Harbhajan was, as usual, there to bowl a googly. One roadie from each gang was supposed to perform today. The winning team could switch the performing roadie with an eliminated roadie. The last team would loose the performing roadie too. Neha once again started to crib and the other gang leaders joined her in stating that the task was absolutely unfair.

Rahul was selected from Nikhil’s gang, Aggy from Rannvijay’s gang to perform. Neha was given an option to get Mandeep back and let one of her contestants go. Rakhi volunteered to go and made way for Mandeep. The task was scary as the contestants were to fill a bowl of water by walking on a fired up ramp with his hands sticking out of groves with thorns.

Rahul from Nikhil’s gang went first. He started to bleed from his arms but still kept going on. If his gang would win the game, he would be kicked out. Next up was Prince’s gang and Varun started to perform. The task will continue tomorrow. Stay tuned to for more updates. (Also Read: MTV Roadies Rising June 10, 2017 episode: Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia enter into a spat over contestant’s politics!)