Today in MTV Roadies Rising, the Roadies start to plan and plot. The gang members decided to vote someone out from Rannvijay’s gang tonight. As a surprise, the rapping king of Bollywood, Badshah came to the ground and everyone had their jaws dropped in excitement. After a fun singing and dancing session with Badshah, the Roadies got to the voting ground and were scared to know what googly Badshah held for them.

Badshah was given a power to show mercy and he saved Samyukta from the vote out. The vote outs were a little twisted too. Gaylen said that everyone has to name a person whom they want to save. The plans which Roadies made to vote out someone from Rannvijay’s gang failed and Samar, Khushnuma and Veerpal were not saved by any votes. It was Mandeep who decided that Khushnuma was the one to be sent home.

Nikhil interferes and says that he felt that Samar made an alliance with Mandeep in the kabaddi game. He convinced Mandeep to change his mind and save Khushnuma. He named Samar and asked him to go home. After the gang leaders interfered, he changed his decision once again and decided to throw Khushnuma out. Now out of Veerpal and Samar one more Roadie needed to be voted out. The roadies voted once again and they decided to vote out Veerpal.

It was time for the task. All the gangs chose their best performer and the task was explained by Gaylen. There were three stages, in the first stage the roadie was to push himself up a see saw by filling sand on one side. Second stage had a maze and the roadies were to balance themselves on small pathways to continue in the maze. The third stage needed the roadie to hop from tires tied high up in the air using their arm strength. After reaching a height they were supposed to come down and break as many clay pots on their way back to the ground.

First up was Priyank from Nikhil’s gang. He started the task and used some tricky solutions from Nikhil to perform. Nikhil took a penalty of ten seconds to give Priyank a wonderful start. He did a brilliant job and Nikhil jumped up in joy with his show of strength. Next up was Waseer and he decided to fill up the sand for the see saw to bear his weight. He got three penalties in the maze itself. Prince was however happy with his performance.

Next up was Shane from Neha’s gang. He got many penalties on his way and Neha kept asking him to keep his focus. She was disappointed with his dumb decisions and was shocked to see that he gave up his task. Samar from Rannvijay’s gang, started from the see saw and he too managed to get a few penalties in his bag. Rannvijay kept guiding him with the techniques but Samar got stuck on one of the tires which led him to a plank above. He finished the task and was sent to a hospital.(ALSO READ:  MTV Roadies Rising 1 July 2017: Mandeep becomes the first semi-finalist of the reality show!)

Waseer won the task and became the second semi finalist of Roadies Rising.