After the twist last week, it was now in the power of all the ex Roadies to decide who becomes the last Roadie to be the semi finalist of this season. Tonight in MTV Roadies Rising, we saw that all the ex roadies make gangs once again and the decision swayed between Priyank , Samyukta and Samar.

Next day in the morning it was an open vote out and the last lucky candidate was Priyank who won the most votes. The semi finalists were Priyank, Shiv, Mandeep, Baseer, Shweta and Meenal. Gaylen then announced the next task and said that today’s task will be performed in a cage in pairs. They will have to climb the cage and open the door after solving an equation. To move forward they will have to open the lock and throw it on the floor to ring the gong hanging above the cage. The ex roadies will stand outside the cage to support and distract their favorite candidates.

First two candidates were Shiv and Priyank. Samar stood outside to stop Priyank and he held him so tight that he was not able to move for a very long time. Since Priyank lost the first round, Shiv got to climb the ladder and thirty seconds were given to him to solve the equation. He failed and the next round began. After a hassle, Priyank managed to climb the ladder and Nikhil asked him to memorize the equation to be able to solve it. When they didn’t reach a decision in 25 minutes, it was time for the next pair to go up.

Mandeep and Baseer went inside the cage. Baseer managed to climb the ladder first but his attempt to solve the equation failed. Next up was Mandeep who climbed and they both wasted almost half of their time. There came a point where they both knew the answer and it was a game for them to climb. Mandeep climbed and realized that his answer was wrong. Baseer climbed next and when he opened the lock it came out as if it was already open. Neha got furious but Mandeep’s panic made him loose. He opened the lock and failed because his 30 seconds were up. Baseer became the first finalist.

Shweta and Meenal were next. Shweta’s first attempt was strong and she managed to climb. She solved the equation and learnt from Mandeep’s mistake. She didn’t set the answer and tried once again to get 30 more seconds. She opened the lock and rang the gong. She became the second finalist.

The day of finale came and the Roadies started their journey for Kurukshetra. Gaylen gave them a brief and said that in this war of Kurukshetra, a chakyavyuh will become their task. The gang leaders will become their Krishna and they will be given a chakravyuh map to guide their candidates at the end to bring them to the finish point. Two guards will be present, one at the beginning and one just before the center.

Baseer started and Rannvijay met him at the beginning with an ex roadie to stop him from going inside. After he won, he began his journey of the chakravyuh. He took lot of time to understand directions and finally reached the center. Once again he took lots of time to solve the puzzle which Nikhil offered to him to enter the center. After solving, he reached Prince who was waiting for him in the center. Prince was now supposed to drive him through the same chakravyuh to reach the beginning. Prince managed it within the blink of an eye as he had already memorized the way out of the chakravyuh. (ALSO READ: MTV Roadies Rising 15 July 2017: Shweta, Baseer, Shiv, Mandeep And Meenal Are The Semi Finalists of This Season But There Is A Twist)

Shweta started her journey for the chakravyuh. She went in like a storm and was very quick to reach the center after solving the puzzles. She sat in the duster with Neha and her task seemed like a piece of cake. She won the task and became the ultimate warrior. Neha Dhupia’s gang finally managed to win this season of Roadies. She won a duster and totally deserved it. Girl Power!!